Our chemical business offers a wide variety of materials and products, including inorganic chemicals, performance materials, and water treatment products and systems. As a member of the Asahi Kasei Group, we proposes total solutions of performance materials and products.

Inorganic & Organic Chemicals

We offer inorganic chemicals, such as caustic soda, and organic chemicals, such as MMA.
Our Miyazaki Chemical Center sells sodium hypochlorite, PAC (poly aluminum chloride), and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) in lorries, and chemicals in bag-in-boxes or plastic containers.

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Performance Coating Materials

  • Performance Coating Materials
  • Performance Coating Materials
  • Performance Coating Materials

Adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, paints, inks, elastomers, etc.
Our main lineup being the performance coating materials of Asahi Kasei Chemicals, we propose unique performance materials to customers.

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  • Additives
  • Additives
  • Additives

Additives are used in many types of products that are essential to our daily lives.
Addition of additives will give better product qualities, such as smoother feeling, maintenance of humidity, and better tastes.

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Water Treatment

  • Water Treatment
  • Water Treatment

We propose products such as ion-exchange membranes and various filters and effluent treatment systems to provide total solutions to your problems.

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  • Fertilizers
  • Fertilizers

We offer a wide variety of fertilizers suitable for various use conditions.
We meet your needs using our product lineup centering on Jcam Agri products.

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