Heat insulation materials for roofSunForce

m-PPE foam beads

Product Application
  • ・Automotive(Interior, Exterior, Electric parts, Core material, Li-Battery Insulator), Medical equipment, E&E, Housing equipment, Aircraft, Railway vehicle, etc.

SunForce is the world's first expanded beads to combine the benefits of m-PPE and properties of foam beads.

  • ■Flame Retardancy: UL-94 V-0 by Non-Halogen formulation
  • ■Thermal Stability: Rigid in High Temperature
  • ■High Precision: Shape Accuracy
  • ■High Moldability: Good for Various Molding Designs
  • ■Heat Insulation: High Thermal Conductivity
  • ■Light Weight: Lighter than Metal and Resins
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