The ongoing trust of people throughout the world is earned by compliance with law, social norms, and internal corporate regulations, by respect for local culture and customs, and for human rights, and by conduct based on high ethical values.

Corporate Ethics – Basic Policy and Code of Conduct

Our Corporate Ethics – Basic Policy and Code of Conduct is the standard and guide for ethical conduct throughout the day-to-day work of each and every member of the Asahi Kasei Group. It has been translated into English and Chinese, and it or an equivalent standard applies to all companies in which our ownership exceeds fifty percent.

Basic Policy for Corporate Ethics

Creating value, contributing to society
Through the creation of new value in accord with the times, in harmony with society, the Asahi Kasei Group strives for the well being of its customers, shareholders, employees and society, and engages actively in service and contribution to society.
Caring for environment, health, and safety
Deeply aware of the responsibility of the corporation for preservation of the global environment, irreplaceable for humankind, the Asahi Kasei Group conducts every phase of corporate operation, from product development to production, use, and disposal, with consideration and care for environment, safety, and health.
Honoring law and norms of society
As a responsible corporate citizen, the Asahi Kasei Group honors the law as an intrinsic prerequisite and respects the norms of society in the conduct of all corporate activities.
Excluding subversive elements
The Asahi Kasei Group opposes and rejects any subversive, antisocial elements and their threats to the quality of life and livelihood of citizens and to the conduct of fair and lawful corporate activities.
Respecting human rights
In all corporate activities, the Asahi Kasei Group respects the human rights of every person. The Asahi Kasei Group also respects the individuality and character of each employee, and ensures a working environment free from harassment and groundless discrimination.
Ensuring transparency
The Asahi Kasei Group communicates with shareholders and with community and society, with active and appropriate disclosure of corporate information.
Respecting information and intellectual property
The Asahi Kasei Group honors the proprietary nature of intellectual assets, including business and corporate confidentiality, respecting the rights of others as well as protecting its own.
Practicing corporate ethics
The Asahi Kasei Group calls on all of its employees to honor and embrace its corporate ethics, and seeks to ensure their responsible conduct as good corporate members, in its establishment and maintenance of corporate regulations, instruction, education and training, and inspection and auditing.

Protection of personal information

Asahi Kasei is committed to the proper handling and use of personal information, in accordance with our basic policy.

Education and training for all employees–including the distribution of an information security handbook which describes our rules for handling information, and the provision of education via e-learning–is monitored by the Corporate Ethics Committee.

Basic policy for protection of personal information


CSR Reports

CSR Report 2013

CSR Report 2013
CSR concepts and activities of the Asahi Kasei Group are described.
Group Philosophy
We, the Asahi Kasei Group, contribute to life and living for people around the world.
Corporate Governance
The Asahi Kasei Group constantly endeavors to advance fast-moving and transparent management as essential for increased corporate value and greater earnings.

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