Compliance system

Framework for Compliance

The Corporate Ethics Committee oversees education and training for compliance, and monitors the status of compliance within the Asahi Kasei Group. Chaired by the Asahi Kasei President, the committee also deliberates on matters pertaining to corporate ethics and determines company-wide policy. Where shortcomings are identified, the committee formulates and implements measures for improvement, enhancing compliance throughout the Asahi Kasei Group.

At its meeting in September 2015, the committee discussed priority issues and policies at each group company for ensuring compliance, the state of compliance with laws and regulations, the handling of personal information, and operation of the Compliance Hotline.

In September 2016, the Corporate Ethics Committee and Risk Management Committee were replaced with a Risk Management & Compliance Committee.

Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct

Relationship with the Group Mission

Established in April 2017, the Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct is a practical guide and standard for ethical conduct throughout the day-to-day work of each and every member of the Asahi Kasei Group. As members of the Asahi Kasei Group, we are expected to act with sincerity and uphold high ethical standards as we work to fulfill our Group Mission in accordance with our Group Values.

Note: Measures to gain understanding and familiarity with the Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct among subsidiaries and affiliates located outside Japan are scheduled to be performed henceforth.

What the Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct means to you

Throughout the course of our business activities, the Asahi Kasei Group is fully committed to adhering to laws and regulations that are applicable to each business and function, as well as relevant internal company rules. Each employee is expected to uphold high ethical standards and respect social norms as we work to fulfill our Group Mission in accordance with our Group Values.

Outline of the Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct

  1. 1.Ensuring safety, environmental protection, and high quality to contribute to life and living
    1. 1)Maintaining thorough safety in all aspects
    2. 2)Provision of safe and high-quality products and services that customers can rely on
    3. 3)Thorough management of workplace safety, ensuring safe and comfortable workplace environments
    4. 4)Environmental protection and harmony with local communities
  2. 2.Maintaining sincere relationships with various related parties around us
    1. 5)Timely and appropriate disclosure of information to society
    2. 6)Appropriate descriptions to customers, provision of safe and reliable products and services
    3. 7)Healthy relationships with customers and government officials
    4. 8)Fair relationships with competitors
    5. 9)Optimized procurement and healthy and appropriate relationships with suppliers
    6. 10)Respect for human rights and diversity
  3. 3.Utilizing management assets appropriately and effectively
    1. 11)Performing work with integrity and responsibility
    2. 12)Compliance with accounting and tax rules, protecting company property
    3. 13)Protecting and managing information
    4. 14)Protecting and respecting intellectual property rights
    5. 15)Compliance with laws and regulations, practicing corporate ethics
Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct
Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct

The Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct can be downloaded from the link below:

Compliance Hotline

Compliance Hotline Flow
Compliance Hotline Flow

The Asahi Kasei Group began employing a Compliance Hotline in April 2005 to ensure that any possible ethical lapses which employees may encounter or observe are dealt with swiftly and appropriately. Reports can be made through the corporate intranet or by post (to a specified law firm), in the name of the reporting party or anonymously.

Structures are in place to ensure that the reporting party incurs no disfavor or disadvantage as a result of having made a report.

In fiscal 2015, the system was expanded to enable suppliers and their employees to report or consult.

Market Compliance Committee

The Market Compliance Committee, which was formed in 1976, oversees compliance with the Antimonopoly Act (AMA). To ensure against any violation of the AMA such as participation in a price cartel, all across-the-board price increases require the approval of the committee before they can be implemented. The committee met 4 times in fiscal 2015, reviewing 10 cases.

Export Control Committee

The Export Control Committee, which was formed in 1987, oversees compliance with export-related regulations. Regular duties related to export control are performed by our Export Control Dept., with significant cases requiring the approval of the Export Control Committee. The Export Control Committee met twice in fiscal 2015.

Information protection and management

Information Security Countermeasures

Recognizing the importance of countermeasures to protect against information security risks, we established the Asahi Kasei Group Information Security Policy and aim to ensure and further improve information security.

Asahi Kasei Group Information Security Policy

As ensuring information security is an important management responsibility, the Asahi Kasei Group declares that it faithfully applies its established information security policy.

  1. 1.Legal Compliance
    We comply with laws and internal regulations concerning information security.
  2. 2.System Establishment
    We have an established system to safeguard information security throughout the organization.
  3. 3.Implementation of Countermeasures
    We implement appropriate information security countermeasures corresponding to our information assets to prevent information security incidents. In the event that an incident occurs, we respond swiftly and appropriately, strive to minimize any damage, and endeavor to prevent any recurrence.
  4. 4.Education of Employees
    We provide information security training to all employees to ensure full awareness of the importance of information security and the proper use of information assets.
  5. 5.Continuous Improvement
    We continuously assess our efforts for information security, and apply improvements as necessary.
  6. December 1, 2016
    Hideki Kobori
    Asahi Kasei Corporation

Protection of personal information

Asahi Kasei is committed to the proper handling and use of personal information, in accordance with our Group Regulation for Management of Personal Information. Education and training for all employees—including the distribution of an information security handbook which describes our rules for handling information, and the provision of education via e-learning—is monitored by the Corporate Ethics Committee (Risk Management & Compliance Committee from September 2016).

Protection of intellectual property

The Asahi Kasei Group implements strict measures to prevent unauthorized or unintentional outflow of technological information and know-how in accordance with its basic policy and management standards for prevention of technology outflow. The Asahi Kasei Group also applies internal guidelines summarizing related precautions to take when entering business overseas as well as procedures to ensure the preservation of prior-use rights in China.

The company’s internal magazine is used to raise further awareness among personnel, and workshops are held for training and education regarding protection of intellectual property.

For more information about our intellectual property, please refer to the Asahi Kasei Group Intellectual Property Report.

Prevention of bribery

The Asahi Kasei Group Policies for Prevention of Bribery are available below.