Responsible Care

Safety is a fundamental prerequisite for the continuation of operations as a corporate member of society. To ensure that every aspect of safety is maintained, the Asahi Kasei Group implements a Responsible Care (RC) program comprising the 6 pillars of operational safety, workplace safety and hygiene, environmental protection, health maintenance, product safety, and community outreach.

Message from the Executive for RC

Hiroshi Kobayashi,
Senior Executive Officer,
Asahi Kasei Corp.

The spirit of RC is autonomy, responsibility, and open disclosure. At the Asahi Kasei Group, we go beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations as we operate our businesses with due consideration for all matters related to the environment, health, and safety. In July 2014, we added a new RC principle: “Efforts are made to design and develop products which contribute to the sustainability of the global environment, and to disseminate such products worldwide.” With our Global Environment Action Committee, we are further deepening and expediting our efforts to achieve a low-carbon society and circular economy, to protect water resources, and to coexist in harmony with nature. We are integrating global environmental measures together with business activities to fulfill our social responsibility in accordance with our Group Vision of enabling harmony with the natural environment. In addition, we advanced a wide range of RC efforts including training and education at all organizational levels. In certain areas where we can perform better, we are redoubling our efforts to raise results in line with our commitment to prevent accidents and disasters, maintain product safety, and promote employee health, for complete achievement of all RC objectives.

The Asahi Kasei Group advances its Responsible Care initiative as a coordinated whole.