Establishment of a joint-venture company for lithium ion capacitor business

October 3, 2011
FDK Corporation
Asahi Kasei Corporation

As previously announced in our release “Final agreement to establish joint venture for lithium ion capacitor business” dated on August 2, 2011, FDK and Asahi Kasei have today established a joint-venture company for their combined business operations related to the lithium ion capacitor (LIC), a next-generation energy storage device.

The new joint venture will be focused on accelerating the development of the LIC market by combining the superior technologies of the two companies in order to expand operations and heighten corporate value.

As LICs are increasingly well-known for having higher cell capacity than conventional electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) and longer life than lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), demand for them is anticipated to grow most notably in applications for construction equipment, uninterruptible power supplies, and electric vehicles. The new joint-venture company will play a leadership role in the LIC market, which is expected to grow to over ¥100 billion from 2015 onward.

Outline of the joint venture

Name: Asahi Kasei FDK Energy Device Co., Ltd.
Establishment: October 3, 2011
President: Kiyohide Tsutsui
Head office: Shizuoka, Japan
Paid-in capital: ¥100 million
Investment ratio: FDK 51%, Asahi Kasei 49%
Operations: Research, development, production, and sale of LIC cells and modules
Employees: 76


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