Expansion of capacity in China for Duranate™

April 11, 2013
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp.

Asahi Kasei Chemicals will expand production capacity at its plant in China for Duranate™ hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI)-based polyisocyanate, a hardener for non-yellowing polyurethane automotive coatings and many other applications.

Developed with original technology, Duranate™ HDI polyisocyanate, is used for polymerization and cross-linking of polyurethane. Used as a corrosion-resistant coating material in automotive, architectural, and other applications, non-yellowing polyurethane made with Duranate™ features excellent mechanical and chemical properties as well as superior weather resistance. Polyurethane materials made with Duranate™ are also used as inks, adhesives, castings, and a wide range of other applications.

Stable growth in worldwide demand for HDI polyisocyanate is forecasted, with particularly strong demand growth in China as automotive ownership continues to expand and social infrastructure continues to develop. Asahi Kasei Chemicals is principally focused on the Asian market for HDI polyisocyanate, with Duranate™ plants in Hyuga, Miyazaki, Japan, and Nantong, Jiangsu, China. The expansion of the plant in China announced today will reinforce the company’s leading position in Asia while enabling further expansion of supply to other markets throughout the world.

Overview of the plant expansion

Site:   Plant grounds of Asahi Kasei Performance Chemicals Corp., Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Capacity:   10,000 tons/year*
Groundbreaking:   Autumn 2013
Start-up schedule:   Early 2015
  • *Total capacity increasing to 30,000 tons/year combined with current 10,000 tons/year in Nantong, Jiangsu, China and 10,000 tons/year in Hyuga, Miyazaki, Japan

Profile of Asahi Kasei Performance Chemicals Corp.

Location:   Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Chairman:   Atsushi Suzuki
Paid-in capital:   ¥2.2 billion
Ownership:   Asahi Kasei Chemicals, 100%
Operation:   Manufacture and sale of Duranate™ HDI-based polyisocyanate


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