Construction of new plant for polycarbonatediol in China

August 29, 2013
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp.

Asahi Kasei Chemicals has decided to construct a plant in China for Duranol™ polycarbonatediol (PCD), an intermediate for high-performance polyurethanes.

PCD is used to make high-performance polyurethanes with characteristics such as exceptional heat resistance and water resistance. Demand for PCD is growing throughout the world as the polyurethane market increasingly shifts toward higher-performance. A highly functional PCD developed by Asahi Kasei Chemicals, Duranol™ features greater compatibility than ordinary PCD and enables polyurethanes to be obtained with greater softness than is possible with ordinary PCD. Duranol™ has the leading share of the Asian PCD market for polyurethanes for synthetic leather in automotive interiors, polyurethane coatings, and UV-curable polyurethanes. Demand for highly functional PCD is forecasted to continue to grow briskly throughout Asia and especially in China as a major center for manufacturing automobiles and consumer electronics.

Asahi Kasei Chemicals currently produces Duranol™ at a plant in its Mizushima Works, Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan. The new plant in China will enable the company to meet demand growth with a stable supply infrastructure in Asia, reinforcing its position as a leading supplier of highly functional materials to manufacturers of high-performance polyurethanes, including Duranate™ HDI-based polyisocyanate.

Outline of the new PCD plant

Site:   Plant grounds of Asahi Kasei Performance Chemicals Corp.
Capacity:   3,000 tons/year*
Groundbreaking:   Spring 2014
Start-up:   Early 2015
  • *Total capacity increasing to 6,000 tons/year together with 3,000 ton/year plant in Japan.

Profile of Asahi Kasei Performance Chemicals Corp.

Location:   Nantong Economic and Technological Development Area, Nantong, Jiangsu, China
Chairman:   Atsushi Suzuki
Paid-in capital:   ¥3.55 billion
Ownership:   Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp. 62%, Asahi Kasei (China) Co., Ltd. 38%*
Operation:   Manufacture and sale of Duranate™ HDI-based polyisocyanate
  • *An increase in capital through Asahi Kasei (China) is scheduled in connection with construction of the new plant.


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