Industrial materials

Cable wrapping

Used as cable wraps.

  • 1.Cable wrap
  • 2.Conductor
  • 3.Insulator
  • 4.Sheath
  • 5.Buffer
  • 6.Armor
  • 7.Sheath (jacket)

Automotive materials

Used in many different portions of automotive materials.

1.Air filters
Used as filter media for air filters, featuring high uniformity and fine filament diameter
2.Airbag covers
Used as covers for airbags, featuring flame retardance
3.Headliner material
Used as part of headliner, featuring light weight and high uniformity
4.Suction filters
Used as filter media for suction filters, featuring high uniformity and fine filament diameter
5.Seat back upholstery
Used as backing material for various seat surfaces, featuring softness in a wide range of variations
6.Protective covering
Used as an alternative seat surface material or covering for the seat structure, featuring flame retardance
7.Spring covers
Used as molded spring covers, featuring high bulk and moldability

Liquid filters

Used as filter media in liquid filters.
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Interleaving paper

Can be pulled into the process without ripping or tearing out, which will reduce downtime and improve yield rate. 100% polyester fibers. No binders, no adhesives, and no oils on the surface to mar the finish of the metal or scratch it. Excellent in heat resistance, will not be effected by heat generated by cold-rolling process.

Carwash brushes

Used in the brush portion of carwash brush modules.

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