What is Eltas™?

The world’s unique spunbond nonwoven available in three different materials

In addition to common features such as a high level of filament evenness (in punch density and fiber opening), air permeability, no napping, and edge fray resistance, the availability of nylon, polyester, and polypropylene provides an added dimension of variety to the Eltas brand, with different characteristics that meet practically any need in a broad array of applications in every field of industry.

Material characteristics

Superior dyeability
High strength, superior processability
Soft texture and good drape
Superior dimensional stability
Superior heat and light resistance
High strength and superior processability
Light-weight, high-volume, and high-bulk features
Superior lipophilic properties
Superior heat processability

Production Process

Eltas is produced using the spunbond process.

Synthetic resins (polymers) are heated and melted, extruded through fine holes in the spinnerets, and drawn into continuous filaments. Next, webs of evenly distributed filaments are bonded by thermocompression with the embossing roll to form a bonded sheet.

Image:Production Process

Emboss types

horizontal bars
A soft, high-volume pattern ofhorizontal bars
small dots
A soft pattern ofsmall dots
weave pattern
A strong, high-tension flat weave pattern

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What is Eltas™?

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