EUTEC™ FS Oil-water separation filters (liquid-liquid separation)

Product features of EUTEC™ FS filters

EUTEC FS filters make it possible to separate two immiscible liquids, and enable the separation of free water (or free oil) from heterogeneous oil-water mixtures. They have continually broadening applications as liquid-liquid separation filters.
There are various conventional liquid-liquid separation processes, including gravity settlement, centrifugation and absorption, but each of these methods has its own inherent limitations, as shown below:

Conventional processes

Feature 1

Independently developed microfilament network filter media

Multilayered microfilament network structure with 1-3μm diameter fibers
Achieves fast, effective capture, coalescence, and separation of dispersed micrometer-order droplets. Fine-pore, high-void structure results in low pressure-difference, enabling high-volume throughput.
Microfilament composed of one long, continuous, binder-free filament
Manufacturing as one long fiber eliminates the problems of binding agent elution and short-fiber dropout encountered with glass-fiber elements.

The microfilament network membrane developed by Asahi Kasai

Feature 2

High processing capacity and long service life (when compared with other Asahi Kasai Fibers products)

100% all-over pleated filter elements
Pleating produces a large filtration surface area, enabling a significant increase in throughput (i.e. flow rate). In addition to this large surface area, all EUTEC FS filter cartridges have high void ratios, achieving high droplet/particle capturing capacity and long service life.

EUTEC™ FS filter cartridges

Feature 3

Single-pass liquid-liquid separation

On-line vessel connection capability
On-line connection enables separation of mixed liquids through continuous, single-pass operation, eliminating the need for batch processing.
  • Large-vessel operation
  • Multiple small-vessel operation

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