EUTEC™ MF Microfilters (solid-liquid separation)

Product features of EUTEC™ MF filters

With dramatic technological advancements taking place across all manner of industries in recent years, various demands are also being placed on the field of filtration; such as the need for improved economy, higher precision and longer service life, and with even stricter standards being imposed. EUTEC MF is a range of solid-liquid separation filters developed to respond to such needs.


Captures and separates out dirt, water and other contaminants found in turbine lubricating oil
By creating various compositions of the diverse range of nonwoven fibers researched and developed by Asahi Kasei Fibers, and achieving maximum utilization of the advantages offered by these filter materials, EUTEC MF filters cover wide range of needs from general filtration to sub-micrometer order, high-precision filtration needs.

EUTEC™ MF filters product series

EUTEC Nano <New product>

EUTEC Nano filters utilize nanometer-order fiber diameter unwoven fibers, achieving high-accuracy filtration down to the sub-micrometer level.

Explanation of KPA/KNA filters

Pleated unwoven nanofiber filters

Explanation of KPD/KND filters

Depth-pleated unwoven nanofiber filters

EU-P series
Explanation of EU-P series filters
Large flow volume filters used in the removal of dust from fuel oils, lubricants and other liquids at refineries, oil depots and other such facilities.
AM series
Explanation of AM series filters
Solid-liquid separation filters designed to handle production-process filtration in fields ranging from the manufacture of petrochemicals and derivatives to the various industrial processes involved in the production of parts and components for the automotive, precision machinery and electronics industries.

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