EUTEC™ MF Microfilters (solid-liquid separation)

EUTEC™ Nano - KPD/KND type filter

Depth-pleated unwoven nanofiber filters


EUTEC Nano filters utilize nanometer-order fiber diameter unwoven fibers, achieving high-accuracy filtration down to the sub-micrometer level. By pleating multiple layers of coarsely and finely structured filter materials, KPD/KND type filters combine the advantages of both depth-type and pleated-type filter structures, achieving low pressure drop and long service life.

[Main applications]

  • Color-resist filtration
  • Sorting of abrasive grains and microparticles (e.g. grinding compounds, CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing) slurry, electrode slurry)
  • Filtration of high viscosity fluids



Model 005 010 020
Absolute filter rating (μm) 0.5 1.0 2.0
Materials (filter element / cartridge) PP/PP
Dimensions 10,20,30inch×70Φ
Filter area (cm3) 2100 2400 2700
Temperature resistance / pressure resistance 80℃ / 0.49MPa

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Model 005 010
Absolute filter rating (μm) 0.5 1.0
Materials (filter element / cartridge) Nylon 6/PP
Dimensions 10,20,30inch×70Φ
Filter area (cm3) 2000 2100
Temperature resistance / pressure resistance 80℃ / 0.49MPa  

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Capture efficiency


Flow rate vs. pressure drop (purified water)


Sorting performance

Graph:Comparative sorting performance(7 JIS dust types)

State of filtrate after filtration of a green photoresist / PGMEA dispersion
with various filter materials

Image:PP-0.5μ / Ny0.5μ

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