EUTEC™ VF Mist filters(gas-liquid separation)

Product features of EUTEC™ VF filters


Asahi Kasei EUTEC offers "fine" answers to the problem of oil mist evacuation

Feature 1
EUTEC VF filters use characteristic filter media researched and developed by Asahi Kasei
Feature 2
Highly efficient removal of fine mist and dustCapable of removing over 99.9% of sub-micrometer order particles (according to in-house tests)
Feature 3
Operate with a low degree of pressure dropFilter element pressure drop is 40-450mm H2O (according to in-house tests)
Feature 4
Compact vessel design6-12m/min high-speed filtration
Feature 5
Designed for long lifeCoalesced oil mist is discharged by natural precipitation under gravity.

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