EUTEC™ VF Mist filters(gas-liquid separation)

Separation principle behind EUTEC™ VF filters

[Principle]Coalescence of oil mist

  • Capture of oil mist

  • Enlargement of fine oil droplets by coalescence

  • Precipitation of coalesced oil droplets

Gaseous suspensions of oil in mist form cannot be separated easily by passing them through mesh-type barriers such as collision plates (baffles) or demisters. The microfibers in EUTEC VF filters have the ability to capture, concentrate and enlarge the fine droplets in oil mist. Passing the mist through a VF filter element produces clean air rapidly, while the extracted oil is discharged as drainage.

Separation mechanisms of EUTEC™ VF filters

[EUTEC™ VF gas-liquid separation filte]

Coalescer method (separation of oil from air)

The gaseous oil mist mixture is fed into the filter cartridge under pressure. As the oil mist passes through the filter element, the finely dispersed oil droplets coalesce into larger droplets, and are rapidly separated from the airflow inside the filtration vessel. The separated oil collects in the lower portion of the vessel, and can be drained manually or via an automatic drainage valve.

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