The “Blue di Cupro” fabric line by PureDenim made with Bemberg ™ marks the birth of Bemberg™ smart denim innovation at Pitti Uomo

Booth P20, Central Pavillion, ground floor, Fortezza da Basso.

Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia participated in the 103rd Pitti Uomo exhibition held in Florence, Italy, for three days from January 10. At the exhibition, Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia collaborated with Pure Denim(Italy) to jointly present "Blue di Cupro," a line of denim fabrics made of Bemberg™ material.

In occasion of the next edition of Pitti Uomo, Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei – the unique fiber with a circular economy footprint obtained from cotton linters through a closed-loop process ensuring certified sustainability credentials through its transparent and traceable approach- reveals a very special Bemberg™ fabrics smart range dedicated to premium denimwear. This has been made possible thanks to the partnership with PureDenim, a leading Italian company whose strategy since 10 years is based on an entire re-design of the production system, inspired by circular economy principles that combines technology and innovative materials in order to offer the highest levels of design, innovation and real responsible values derived from an holistic approach to sustainability.

The “Blue di Cupro” collection is made with seven fabrics made with Bemberg™, either 100% Bemberg™ or in blend with cotton, wool, and it applies the most advanced Pure Denim Technologies. The Blue di cupro fabrics made with Bemberg™ will also be dyed with “Smart Indigo” an indigo dye technology internally produced by PureDenim, through a chemical-free production. The only elements involved are: water, indigo pigments, and electricity. In terms of finishing, fabrics’ looks and performances are enhanced by the “Eco Sonic” ultrasounds finishing technology which brings significant reduction of water used, increased aesthetic features and controlled discoloration. And last but not least every yarn used at PureDenim is protected by NaturalReco® a 100% natural product that completely SUBSTITUTE the use of plastic films that are one of the key causes of microplastic emission for denim application.

Luigi Caccia, founder with his sister Ilaria of PureDenim says “We are a company specialized in the production of sustainable denim. In the last 10 years we have revolutionized the denim processes: new technologies, natural polymers, smart fibers in addition to constantly studying new technologies through various businesses. PureDenim has successfully reduced the amount of chemicals and water in the process of making jeans and we continually seek to find new opportunities. We have found Bemberg™ to perfectly fit our philosophy and our commitment for premium solutions in terms of quality and respect for the contemporary consumer, environment, ocean and animals”.

"We are extremely happy to return to Pitti with a project that speaks of a Bemberg™ brand new wardrobe application such as smart denim thanks to the great cooperation with PureDenim, a leading smart denim company that shares our values in terms of premium design, smart innovation and social responsibility. Today more than ever collaboration between companies is fundamental. It is not anymore just about having customers, but about creating partnership to give customized premium answers to the market. In the last few years, we all have learned that only together we can activate concrete change achieving contemporary targets and success." Underlines the newly appointed Sales Manager and Board of Directors of Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia Junshu Furusawa. “I am really excited to work in Italy with the Bemberg™ team to increase the brand value of this amazing material”.

Mr Furusawa has been in charge of Sales & Promotion of Bemberg™ since entering Asahi Kasei in 2007 with focus both on Apparel and Lining for Japanese market and U.S. marketThe project conceived for Pitti Uomo 103 stems from the spirit of Bemberg™ and fits perfectly into the philosophy of Pure Denim, whose mission is to “Make the World a better” place while creating denim that comes from an entire re-design of the production system.And “Blue” seems to be the new colour of Bemberg™, in fact, the company in early November 2022 announced, at the Blue Friday initiative by UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), the achievement of the OK biodegradable MARINE certification, which guarantees the biodegradability of its products even in the marine environment, as certified by TÜV AUSTRIA, meaning a lot in the context of microplastics in water issue solutions. This Bemberg™ certification’s achievement comes on top of other key ones such as the INNOVHUB report that confirms Bemberg™ biodegradability in soil without releasing hazardous substances, the RCS by Textile Exchange, and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and ISO 14001 corporate certifications. The new “Blue di Cupro” product range will be available to the market from January 10th, the first day of the 103th edition of Pitti Uomo.

*PureDenim mission and vision comes from an entire re-design of the denim production system. It is inspired by circular economy principles that combine technology and innovative materials in order to minimize waste.Luigi Caccia is the founder with his sister Ilaria of PureDenim, a rib of Italdenim, company specialized in the production of sustainable denim. In the last 10 years he has made the revolution of the denim processes such as Smart Indigo™, Natural Reco™ and Eco Sonic ™ just to name a few. Gigi has more than 35 years of experience as a leader in the denim manufacturing industry, and has earned global recognition as an innovator of textile manufacturing processes. In particular, his insights and contributions have given rise to revolutionary new production techniques like the use of electrochemical cells to create ‘smart dyes’ (, as well as new applications of ultrasound and recycled food waste to generate polysaccharides used in various stages in denim manufacturing.Gigi’s research and contributions to global sustainability efforts in the textile industry were featured extensively in RiverBlue, a critically acclaimed documentary about the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

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