Bemberg™ Seminar 2023 was held in India

Bemberg™ Seminar 2023 was held at The Deltin (Daman, India) on October 30, 2023, marking a vibrant reunion of 58 weavers from Surat, esteemed customers of Bemberg™, after a lapse of 4 years.

Asahi Kasei has been doing business in India for 47 years since the commencement of Bemberg™ exports in 1976. The Bemberg™ Seminar stands as an invaluable platform not only to disseminate the latest Bemberg™ insights but also to nurture profound relationships with our esteemed clientele. This year's comprehensive presentation encapsulated four themes:

1. Rebranding of Bemberg™.
The event introduced the revamped Bemberg™ identity, encompassing a new tagline, key visuals, and an updated website launched during the 2021 rebranding initiative. Moreover, proposals were put forth for novel brochures and assorted promotional tools designed to enhance customers' sales endeavors.

2. Latest promotional activities
In addition to our efforts on social networking sites such as Instagram and our website, we reported on our participation in Lakmé Fashion Week (2020, 2022), the largest fashion event in India. The collections of Hemang Agrawal and Payal Pratap, two collaborating designers at that time, were exhibited and attracted a lot of attention from visitors.

3. Update on Bemberg™ characteristics and sustainability
In order to further deepen the knowledge of Bemberg™ and to make it useful for the sales activities of each company, the characteristics of Bemberg™, such as its deep color and drape, were also discussed again. In addition to the information on RCS100, Oeko-Tex™, etc., we also reported on the acquisition of marine biodegradability certification by TUV AUSTRIA BELGIUM, a European certification organization, and explained the social contribution activities being undertaken in India.

4. Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) hollow-fiber membrane Microza™.
Microza™ is a hollow fiber membrane developed by our company for filtration systems. In India, we have proposed Microza™ for treating wastewater generated during fabric dyeing and are working to achieve zero wastewater discharge at dyeing plants. This unveiling at the Bemberg™ Seminar 2023 underscored Asahi Kasei's commitment to advancing products and initiatives beyond yarn sales, striving for environmental sustainability within India's textile industry holistically.

The attendees absorbed the presentations with earnest attention, showcasing a firm desire to gain a deeper understanding of Bemberg™ and Asahi Kasei. Despite the adversities posed by COVID-19 and a plant fire incident, the seminar warmly reunited 58 devoted customers who have journeyed alongside us over the years, fortifying the enduring bond between each participant and Asahi Kasei. We pledge to persistently collaborate with this cohesive "Bemberg™ family" to further elevate our endeavors in the industry.

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