Bemberg™ and Anita Dongre Collaborate to Introduce the ‘Azure’ Collection.

Bemberg™ and Anita Dongre Collaborate to Introduce the ‘Azure’ Collection: Nature-Inspired Aesthetics with Sustainable Craftsmanship using Bemberg™ yarn.

We proudly announce the collaboration between Bemberg™ and Indian leading luxury couture label Anita Dongre to unveil the exquisite ‘Azure’ collection. This collection represents a seamless fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and sustainable craftsmanship, meticulously crafted using Bemberg™ yarn.

Anita Dongre, known for her timeless elegance and commitment to sustainability, has seamlessly integrated Bemberg™ yarn into the ‘Azure’ collection, symbolizing a steadfast dedication to responsible fashion practices. Bemberg™ yarn, sourced exclusively from Asahi Kasei in Japan, embodies luxury and environmental responsibility, making it the perfect choice for conscious fashion enthusiasts.

The ‘Azure’ collection captures the serene essence of the sea, evoking the tranquil ebb and flow of waves against a backdrop of pristine skies. With soft hues and delicate color palettes, the collection introduces a fresh, breezy aesthetic, featuring flowy dresses, kaftans, and elegant sets designed to elevate the simplicity of spring-summer fashion.

Anita Dongre, Founder and Creative Director, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "At Anita Dongre, we are committed to infusing consciousness into every aspect of our business. The ‘Azure’ collection is a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainability, featuring Bemberg™ yarn that biodegrades easily into soil and marine ecosystems.

Takeshi Iitaka, General Manager of Bemberg Sales and Marketing Department 2 at Asahi Kasei Corporation, emphasized the significance of the collaboration, saying, "We are delighted to have this remarkable collaboration with Anita Dongre, a visionary in sustainable luxury fashion. Our partnership has resulted in a mesmerizing capsule collection, AZURE, that embodies elegance and eco-mindfulness, using the Bemberg™ yarn. This collaboration highlights our dedication to sustainability, offering discerning consumers garments of unparalleled beauty and environmental responsibility. The remarkable features of Bemberg™ yarn, beautiful colors and marine biodegradability, well ring special resonance with AZURE.”

The partnership between Bemberg™ and Anita Dongre underscores a shared vision for a more sustainable future in fashion, promoting environmentally conscious practices without compromising on style or quality.

About Anita Dongre:
Anita Dongre is a renowned luxury couture label synonymous with timeless elegance, sustainability, and craftsmanship. A brand that is driven by purpose with a focus on conscious fashion, Anita Dongre creates collections that blend traditional Indian artistry with contemporary designs, catering to the modern, environmentally conscious consumer.

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