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Higher Analytical Sensitivity

NanoAct enables to detect Lower antigen Concentration Level.

Compared to commercialized labels, with the combination of a large diameter and color intensity, conjugated NanoAct on the test lines produces better visibility and presents better detection of low antigen concentrations.

  • NanoAct™
  • Colloidal Gold
  • Latex

Faster Detection Time

NanoAct enables faster detection time.

Higher visibility of NanoAct can be achieved on a test line that can lead to faster detection time.

*Comparison between NanoAct based test strip (above) and Colloidal Gold based test strip (bellow). Using same antibody concentrations, test lines 3 minutes after adding samples appeared more visible on NanoAct.

Multiple Colors

NanoAct makes multi-analyte detection possible.

NanoAct can be utilized for classification of test lines with multiple colored particles

*The photo on the right is a test kit using NanoAct (Red, Blue, Green, Black).


NanoAct is a trademark or registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.