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Cat# Type Color Diameter nm OD(1wt%) ABS Conc. wt%
RE1 Passive
Red 330 225 1.0
RE2 Dark Red 340 240
BL1 325 250
BL2 Dark Navy 365 265
GR1 Green 335 160
KR1 Black 350 150
COOH type
Red Coming soon
  • *In addition to the standard items, we can provide different diameters, colors, ODs, concentrations and solvents according to customers' reguirements.
  • *Another covalent type ( -NH2, etc…) or fluorescent beads will soon be available on request.
  • *The data described here are those as of Nov. 2017.
  • *The data may be changed without prior notice for the purpose of product improvement.
  • *The data described here are relative values and not guaranteed values


Cat# Material Thickness   mm NOTE Application
S-01 Cellulose
0.47 Hydrophilic Sample pad
S-02 0.39 Hydrophilic Sample pad
S-06 Cellulose(Cupro)/
0.34 Hydrophilic Sample pad
A-01 PET 0.25 Hydrophilic Conjugate pad/Sample pad
AK2-1 0.19 Hydrophilic Sample pad
AK2-2 0.38 Hydrophilic Sample pad
AB-01 PET/PE 0.38 Hydrophilic Sample pad/Absorbent pad(Wicking)
AB-02 0.80 Hydrophilic Sample pad/Absorbent pad(Wicking)
  • Ordering Inforamtion
  • Custom roll, sheet or disc sizes available upon your request.


NanoAct is a trademark or registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.