Cubit is the ideal material for car seats, office chairs, bed pads, and a host of other
applications that require durability, resilience,ease of care, and optimum support and comfort.
Its advantage over polyurethanes and other cushioning materials is inherent in its unique 3-D
honeycomb structure a diagonally braced double-raschel weave made possible by the
advanced process and materials technology of Asahi Kasei.

1. Resilience
The monofilaments that interlink and brace the shell and liner faces of the Cubit 3-D structure are highly resilient,and designed to provide outstanding impact resistance and high elastic recovery.
2. Durability
The outstanding durability, resilience, and cushioning of Cubit fabrics are inherent in their multifilament shell and liner faces, interlinking monofilaments, and 3-D structural design, obtained by advanced materials, process, and knitting technologies.
3. Ventilation
The highly open Cubit structure "breathes" freely, promoting unrestricted, multidirectional movement of air in large quantities through the 3-D structure, resulting in seats, mattresses, and pads that provide fresh, dry,cool comfort.
4. Insulation
Covering the Cubit seat, mattress, or pad results in the entrapment of a large volume of air within its 3-D structure, to provide highly effective, cushioned insulation, for warmth and comfort in cold environments.
5. Ease of care
Cubit resists soiling, is readily washable, and dries quickly, as a result of its highly open 3-D structure and its synthetic filament composition.
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