What is PULSHUT™? What is “noise”?

What is PULSHUT™?

PULSHUT is a sheet that suppresses noise in wide frequency range. Applied to noise source, PULSHUT suppresses noise radiated from the source. Applied to cable or circuit, it suppresses noise that transmits through it.
PULSHUT is characterized by its superior noise suppression effect, and its thin and light weight composition. With excellent flexibility, PULSHUT can be applied to follow the shape of parts.
PULSHUT is ideal material for small sized electronic devices.
PULSHUT is composed of non-magnetic materials, and applicable to various applications.
PULSHUT is Asahi Kasei noise suppression sheet that contribute to wide range of noise issues.

What is “noise”?

There are many different electric and electronic appliances around us. They all generate electromagnetic noise to varying degrees. For example, an electromagnetic wave carries a signal used for activating a specific electronic device and it is unwanted on other devices. The signal may cause malfunction, performance degradation, or other trouble. Any unwanted wave like this is called a noise, or an electromagnetic noise.
The performance and functions of electronic devices are steadily being improved. Their circuits are more and more densely implemented and the signals they use are at increasingly higher frequencies. This results in growing noise. To prevent the noise issue, the following measures are needed:

•Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) for preventing electronic devices from generating noise, and
•Electromagnetic Susceptibility (EMS) for making electronic devices impervious to noise

With these measures, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is ensured. Many different noise control materials are used for achieving EMC. PULSHUT is one such material.

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PULSHUT is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.