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ROICA for products aimed at
active senior

Diverse industries, including the clothing, home electric appliances and travel industries, are paying a great deal of attention to the development of products aimed at active seniors. ROICA offers to support active seniors from the aspect of clothing by assisting with their daily life and motor functions and helping them travel, which is their most popular hobby.

ROICA™ for products aimed at active senior

Supporting a comfortable life

Undergarments, shorts and trunks that form the basis for a comfortable daily life.
Undergarments using ROICA CF that reduces odors such as the smell of sweat, and undergarments using soft-fitting ROICA HS achieve comfort with the fitting+α functions.

Supporting sporting activities

Walking is attracting a great deal of attention. From taking a walk in the neighborhood to walking as exercise, which involves walking with long steps and sweating.
ROICA HS is recommended for leggings with a compression function that support the joints.
Efforts are also focused on textile development, e.g., changing the power of the knitted fabric with jacquard ranging from seamless knit to warp knit.
In addition to the functionality brought about by the reversible structure consisting of the two different materials used on the inside and the outside, Double Construction knit, the special 3-D knit, has cushioning and heat-retention characteristics thanks to the airspaces produced by the 3-D knitting, and smoothly follows all types of movement as it stretches evenly in all directions: vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.

Supporting travel

Overseas trips often involve long airplane flights. ROICA HS is recommended for socks for reducing fatigues on the feet by providing designed compression. It is also convenient for walking during trips, as it takes good care of the wearer’s feet.

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ROICA is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation for spandex / elastane fiber.