Applications and Example Uses of Functional Yarns

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Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Innerwear

  • Enhancing product quality by reducing brightness on mold bra surfaces and on stretch lace
  • Maintaining washing color fastness especially in deep colors

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Legwear

  • Pantyhose that avoid a shiny look on the leg
  • Stockings that are beautifully dyed in deep colors (like black stockings)
  • For higher-end waistbands

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Outerwear

  • Reducing grin-through and brightness on thin fabrics like sheer weaving textile and single jersey
  • Deeper colors are obtained in the darker color variations including black, in the case of bare knits and weaving

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ROICA™ Updates
ROICA Updates

ROICA is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation for spandex / elastane fiber.