Applications and Example Uses of Functional Yarns

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Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Innerwear

  • Making hard-support shapewear easier to put on and off
  • Comfortable innerwear without too much compression on the wearers as well as shorts for daily use
  • Girdles that follow body movements and minimize waist or hem displacement after squatting, standing,
    and exercising
  • High power girdles and waist nippers for body reshaping after pregnancy
  • Elastic waistbands as another ideal application, with the yarn adding a soft texture

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Legwear

  • Making high power compression pantyhose easier to put on and off
  • Making socks unlikely to fall down even with movement, when used at the upper part

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Sportswear

  • Compression garments that provide freedom of movement, and are easy to put on and off
  • Leggings for running that reduce the swinging of muscles
  • Athletic supporters that are unlikely to slide
  • Winter sports items to capitalize on superb tensile recovery properties even at low temperatures

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Hygiene, Medical, and Other Products

  • Comfortable, slip-on athletic supporters
  • Compression socks to wear during operations or hospitalization
  • Stretch textile for mending tapes that fits every round shape and movement
  • For medical uses such as medical pantyhose and bandages that restrict the progression of varicose veins in the legs
  • For travel socks

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Home Fabrics and Daily Life Goods

  • Quilt cover with excellent soft elasticity, allowing it to fit quilts of various sizes
  • Cloth made of ROICA HS provides a soft texture and gently envelops the body

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