Applications and Example Uses of Functional Yarns

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Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Innerwear

  • Mold bra cups that capitalize on the superb heat-setting properties, and shorts produced from the same fabric
  • Low-gauge knitwear with shape stability enhanced by ROICA SF to correct poor recovery from tensile strain.
    Suited to loose, cute housedresses
  • Free-cut shorts and camisoles without affecting the outside appearance
    (Performance might depend on knitting and processing conditions)

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Legwear

  • Making pantyhose less likely to run after getting snagged
  • Thin pantyhose with fine texture

Example Uses of Functional Yarns in Sportswear

  • Perfect for undershirts and underpants for playing sports, as it keeps supeorior kickback even in thin

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ROICA™ Updates
ROICA Updates

ROICA is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation for spandex / elastane fiber.