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Flat-film Membrane



Hipore™ is Asahi Kasei's polyolefin flat-film membrane, used in a wide range of high-technology fields, such as lithium ion battery separators.

Flat-film membranes look like plastic films, but are actually filled with microscopic pores. The Hipore™ is high-performance microporous film membrane with wide range of thickness and highly uniform pores.

Micrograph of small pore diameter Hipore™

Features of Hipore™

1 Made of polyolefin, does not emit harmful gases when incinerated.
2 Available in a wide range of thicknesses with excellent uniformity of membrane thickness.
3 Available with uniform submicron pores.
4 High porosity, for outstanding liquid holding capacity.
5 High puncture strength, for improved safety and reliability.

Applications of Hipore™


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