Physical Properties of Methacrylonitrile

Molecular structure
H2CW covalent bond C S covalent bondCTriple covalent bondN
Molecular weight 67.09
Appearance Clear, colorless liquid
Specific gravity 0.8000 (20°C/4°C)
Boiling point 90.3°C
Melting point -35.8°C
Viscosity 0.34mPadots(25°C)
Refractive index (nD20)
Surface tension 24.4mN/m at 20°C
Specific Heat Liquid
1.80kJ/kgdot°C at 20°C
103.77kJ/kgdot°C at 100°C
Heat of vaporization 31.8kJ/mol
Heat of combustion 2330kJ/mol
Heat of formation (liquid) 150.7kJ/mol
Heat of polymerization 56.5kJ/mol
Explosive limit 2.1to11.6 vol % in air
Flash point (closed-cup) 1.1°C

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