Specifications of Methacrylonitrile
from Asahi Kasei

Property Units Standard
Purity % 99 Min
Specific Gravity (20°C/4°C) - 0.797-0.802
Distillation Boilling Point Initial °C 86.0 Min
97% Distillation Point °C 91.5 Max
Acidity ppm 200 Max
Color APHA-No 10 Max
Appearance - Clear & Free from Suspended Matter
Polymerization Inhibitor (MQ) ppm 50 ± 5
Water Content ppm 2000 Max

Note :

  1. All values and information shown above are subject to revision; they are given here for reference only, and not as guaranteed values. Please consult Asahi Kasei concerning specifications before any purchase or use of this product.
  2. Asahi Kasei guarantees only that this product will meet mutually agreed specifications, and assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage of any nature arising out of or in connenction with the use of the product.

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