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Typical Applications

  Features Applications


  • High dipole moment
  • Excellent solvent for many organic compounds
  • Easily solvates with cation and enhances the reactivity of anion
  • Chemically stable and solvates some inorganic compounds
Reaction and purification solvent
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Speciality chemicals
  • Recrystallization
  • Nonaqueous reaction such as using AlCl3, and POCl3
  • Reactivity of cyano group enables production of many nitrogen containing organic intermediates
Synthesis of organic compounds
  • Agrochemicals (pesticide, etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals (vitamine B1, etc.)
  • Dyes (azo dyes)
  • Plastic resin modifier
    (melamine based)
  • Epoxy resin hardener
    (imidazole based)
  • Easy to produce azeotropes with other organic compounds
Extraction and separation solvent
  • Extraction and separation of olefins from mixture of olefins and paraffins in petroleum refineries


  • UV absorbance at 250 nm is below 0.03 abs
  • UV absorbance at 200 nm is below 0.3 abs
Raw material for Analytical reagent
  • Carrier liquid for liquid chromatography
  • Solvent for UV spectrum and polarography

Highly Purified

  • Assay: 99.99% up more
  • Water content: below 50 ppm
  • Organic by-products: only very small amount of propionitrile
High purity analytical reagent
  • Carrier liquid for liquid chromatography
  • Solvent for UV spectrum and polarography
Solvent for nonaqueous reaction
  • Nonaqueous reaction using AlCl3 and POCl3
  • Nonaqueous titration of weak electrolytes
  • Solvent for electrochemical reaction
Emerging applications
  • Electrolyte for rechargeable batteries
  • Solvent for synthesis of organic electroluminescent materials
  • Cleaning solvent for electronic components
  • Separation and purification of chiral compounds with column
  • Synthesis and purification solvent for DNA
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