Asahi Kasei CorporationMembrane Process Chlor-Alkali Electrolysis

Membrane Process Chlor-Alkali Electrolysis
Aciplex™ Acilyzer™

In 1975, Asahi Kasei began the first commercial chlor-alkali production using the membrane electrolysis process.
Asahi Kasei has continued to lead the world in pioneering the development of membrane electrolysis technology, including the Aciplex™ F perfluoro ion exchange membrane and Acilyzer™ bipolar electrolyzer (anode, cathode, cell frame and operation) .
The membrane process for chlor-alkali electrolysis eliminates the need for mercury and asbestos as process materials, and enables greater energy efficiency.
The superiority of Asahi Kasei chlor-alkali process technology has been recognized throughout the world, and the Aciplex™ F membrane is employed in plants with a total production capacity of over 25 million tons of caustic soda per year.

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