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Use of PVDC Fiber (Saran™) for Waste Water Treatment

As a characteristic of PVDC fiber (Saran™), Microorganisms in Waste Water easily attaches to the surface of the fiber. Because of this characteristic, PVDC fiber (Saran™) is widely used as material for bio-film contactors in waste water treatment.

Usage example

(1)Bio String Contactor

String Contact media using PVDC multifilament (Saran™) with a wide surface area by knitting into loops.

(2) Three-dimensional non-woven cloth (SaranLock™) contactor

SaranLock™ is a three-dimensional non-woven cloth that uses crimped PVDC filament (Saran™) Fiber.

Bio string contactor (Clean Loop™)

Clean Loop™ is a bio string contactor that uses PVDC multifilament fiber knitted into loops.
It has a wide surface area and is a popular material for wastewater treatment as it works efficiently. Loops are adequately dense and aerated water goes through the outside of the loop. This allows an aerobic condition at the surface of the contractor, and allows the facultative anaerobe to work near the center of the fiber.
Table 1 shows the weight and surface area of Clean Loop™

Table 1
Name Loop size Weight Surface area (1) Surface area (2)
Clean Loop™ 30mm 12g/m 1.04m²/m 0.28m²/m

Surface area (1) shows the PVDC fiber +Ground yarn surface.
Surface area (2) shows the PVDC fiber only. (Mainly the loop area)
These values are calculated center values and vary by the knitting process conditions.

Construction example

Asahi Kasei Home Product Corporation is doing only the manufacturing and sales of the Saran™.

"Fluidizing" Fixed Bed(Bio-Capsule、SunBreo™)

BioCapsule is the Capsule filled with SunBreo. SunBreo is a beadroll like Bio contactor.
SunBreo is made with crimped PVDC fiber and has a high microorganism adherability.
By putting in the BioCapsule to the aeration tank, it flows along the rotational flow and moves randomly. It improves the performance of the waste water treatment.
As a "Fluidizing" Fixed bed, it is populated by a wide variety of the microorganisms and reduces the excess sludge acquired through the food chain. We can also expect nitrification, and nitrogen removal.
SunBreo can also be used for material as strings for the fixed bed.

Table 2.The specification of the BioCapsule and the SanBreo

Name Material Size Weight
SunBreo PVDC /PP(Cramp) φ20㎜ 1.25g/Ball
BioCapsule PP (Material of the Capsule) φ166mm 347g/Capsule

※For more precise specifications please inquire through our web site asking form.
※BioCupsule will be on the market soon.

Bio-contactant 3-D Nonwoven(SaranLock™)

SaranLock™ is widely adopted as a contactor of the bio-film method by the character that the microorganism adheres easily in the wastewater and the structure that it is bulky and the surface area is wide.

Bulkiness and surface area of SaranLock™
Saran™ fiber used Bulkiness Surface area Free volume
1000d (mainly) 75kg/m³ 410m²/m³ 96%
4000d 60 kg/m³ 150 m²/m³ 96%

Asahi Kasei Home Product Corporation is doing only the manufacturing and sales of the Saran™.

Fixed-bed contactor

Method of SaranLock™ soaking in wastewater, and aerating.    
SaranLock™ using Saran™Fiber of 1000d or 4000d is used well.

Construction example of fixed-bed contactor

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