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This blind has high flame resistance and suitable light permeableness.

Blind color

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Features of blind

Excellent flame resistance

"SHAZAI NENSHI-63-69": Combustion test as railway rolling stock material

Fabric : Saran™
Testing detail:Temperature:25ºC
Relative Humidity :56%RH
Combustion time :81sec.

In Alcohol Burning After Alcohol Burning
Ignition 2sec. Afterflame none
Flame 2sec. Flameless burning none
Smoke little Carbonization doesn't reach the edge 38mm
Power of fire is not exceeded
to the top of fabric
Transformation doesn't reach the edge 38mm
There was a hole that penetrated partially. 30mm
Detarmination : Flame Resistance

Excellent Durability

This blind is not aged so much, and wrinkle doesn't attach strongly. Moreover ,there is hardly fading because of its good stability against light.

Suitable Light Shielding

This blind has shading with a moderate material. Dazzling direct sunshine doesn't enter because it need not open the space to take light. This blind softens direct sunshine, makes pleasant surroundings, and, in addition, takes the effect of air-conditioning.

Suitable translucency performance

This blind has also light transmission properties, too. It doesn't darken in the train even if this blind has been closed. Moreover, it can enjoy scenery on the outside through the blind.

PVDC fiber " Saran™ "
- Features of PVDC fiber " Saran™ "
- Physical properties
Fiber Line Up
- Doll Hair
- BioContactor for Wastewater treatment
- PVDC Fiber(Saran™) Line Up
Saran™ Applications INDEX
- Wet filter
- Blind
- Other Applications
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