Infrared-transparent insulation protection cover (GAT)

The infrared-transparent insulation protection cover (GAT) is the world's first special resin transparent cover that simultaneously passes "visible radiation" and infrared radiation.
The Japan Atomic Power Company conducted the research, and the Asahi Kasei Group developed and commercialized the infrared-transparent insulation protection cover.

Award for TPM Excellence
in Product (Development Award)
awarded in 2012
Award for TPM Excellence<br>in Product (Development Award)<br>awarded in 2012

Characteristics of Infrared-transparent insulation protection cover (GAT)

A "visual inspection" and an "infrared thermography inspection" can be simultaneously conducted from the top of the protection cover.
By making poly-olefin resin, which is normally cloudy and opaque, this protection cover solved at a stroke issues concerning existing protection covers of a switchboard etc., such as "a visible transparent resin does not pass infrared radiation" or "a resin that passes infrared radiation has poor transparency and is not suitable for visual observation."

Specifications of infrared-transparent insulation protection cover (GAT)

Specification items Specifications
Product No. GAT-05 GAT-10
Size of the product Width x Length Width 380 to 400 mm × Length 1,000 mm
Thickness 0.5mm 1.0mm
Chemical name or common name Polyolefin
Melting point 120 to 140℃
Flash point 341℃
Recommended temperature with which the product can be used stably 80oC or below
Density 910 to 950kg/m3
Applicable ordinance The Fire Service Act: Designated combustibles (synthetic resins (other types)) <3,000 kg or greater>

Application examples

  • Insulation protection cover for monitoring deterioration and looseness of electric equipment (such as a power distribution switchboard)
  • Protection cover for general targets of photographing by infrared camera

Comparison of transmittance with acrylic resin (imaging example of heating coil)

State of visual inspection State of infrared thermography inspection
GAT State of visual inspection GAT State of infrared thermography inspection
Acrylic resin
Acrylic resin State of visual inspection Acrylic resin State of infrared thermography inspection

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