History of Growth

The Asahi Kasei Group has consistently grown through the proactive transformation of its business portfolio to meet the evolving need of every age. We have constantly provided products and services that form solutions to various environmental and social challenges. As society undergoes further change, we will continue to contribute to life and living for people around the world by Creating for Tomorrow.

1922 -

Net sales
¥0 million
(FY 1940)
1922 Asahi Fabric Co., Ltd. established
1931 Nobeoka Ammonia Fiber Co., Ltd. established, producing ammonia, nitric acid, and other chemicals (paid-in capital ¥10 million, the formal establishment of Asahi Kasei).
1933 Nobeoka Ammonia Fiber acquires Japan Bemberg Fiber Co., Ltd. (producing Bemberg™ cupro fiber) and Asahi Fabric Co., Ltd. (producing viscose rayon), forming Asahi Bemberg Fiber Co., Ltd. (paid-in capital ¥46 million).
1943 Asahi Bemberg Fiber acquires Japan Nitrogenous Explosives Co., Ltd., forming Japan Nitrogenous Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (paid-in capital ¥54.4 million).
1946 Name changed to Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (paid-in capital ¥54.4 million).
1949 Shares listed in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.
1952 Operation at Kawasaki Works begins with establishment of Asahi-Dow Co., Ltd. as a petrochemical joint venture with the Dow Chemical Company.
1957 Asahi-Dow begins production of polystyrene, entering the plastics business.
1959 Production of acrylic staple fiber begins (production ended March 2003).
Mixed-gas compressors in the ammonia plant
An early poster advertising Bemberg™
Cashmilon™ acrylic yarn for home knitting

1950 -

Net sales
¥0 billion
(FY 1960)

Fibers Chemicals Food additives

1960 Asahi-Dow introduces Saran Wrap™ cling film to the Japanese market.
1962 Production of acrylonitrile begins at Kawasaki Works.
1967 Construction materials operations begin with production of Hebel™ autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels.
1968 Petrochemical operations at Mizushima Works begin with establishment of Sanyo Petrochemical Co., Ltd.
Saran Wrap™ cling film as first sold in Japan
Hebel™ AAC panels with embedded reinforcing bars

1970 -

Net sales
¥0 billion
(FY 1980)

Fibers Chemicals Homes Construction Materials Foods and Fermentation Chemistry

1971 Start-up of glass fabric business with establishment of Asahi-Schwebel Co., Ltd.
1972 Ethylene plant begins operation at Sanyo Ethylene Co., Ltd. (operations now part of Asahi Kasei Chemicals) with capacity of 350,000 t/y.
Housing operations begin with launch of Hebel Haus™ steel-frame homes.
Asahi Kasei Homes Corp. established.
1974 Asahi Medical Co., Ltd. (now Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd.) established. Medical device operations begin with start of artificial kidney production.
1976 Textile operations reinforced with establishment of Asahi Kasei Textile Co., Ltd.
Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corp. established.
1980 Hall element production begins with establishment of Miyazaki Electronics Co., Ltd. (now Asahi Kasei Electronics Co., Ltd.)
1982 Asahi-Dow merges with Asahi Chemical, synthetic resin operations are reinforced.
1983 Semiconductor operations begin with establishment of Asahi Microsystems Co., Ltd. (now Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co., Ltd.)
The first Hebel Haus™
Early products of Asahi Medical
LSI chips for digital mobile phones

1990 -

Net sales
¥0 billion
(FY 2000)

Fibers Chemicals Electronics Homes Construction Materials Chemicals Others

1992 Pharmaceuticals and liquors maker Toyo Jozo Co., Ltd. merges with Asahi Chemical.
1994 Asahi Kasei Textile merges with Asahi Chemical.
2000 Performance resin compounding facilities in Europe and US acquired from Nippon Steel Chemical Co., Ltd.
2001 Name changed to Asahi Kasei Corp.
2002 Shochu and low-alcohol beverage operations divested to Asahi Breweries, Ltd. and The Nikka Whiskey Distilling Co., Ltd.
2003 Sake operations divested to Oenon Holdings Corp.
Transformation to a holding company configuration with Asahi Kasei Corp. as holding company and Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp., Asahi Kasei Homes Corp., Asahi Kasei Pharma Corp., Asahi Kasei Fibers Corp., Asahi Kasei EMD Corp., Asahi Kasei Construction Materials Corp., and Asahi Kasei Life & Living Corp. as core operation companies.
2007 Asahi Kasei Life & Living merges with Asahi Kasei Chemicals.
2008 Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical Co., Ltd. and Asahi Kasei Medical Co., Ltd. begin operation as core operating companies.
2009 Asahi Kasei E-materials Corp. begins operation as a core operating company. Asahi Kasei EMD name changed to Asahi Kasei Microdevices.

2010 -

Net sales
¥0 billion
(FY 2015)

Fibers Chemicals Electronics Homes Construction Materials Chemicals Others

2012 Integration of Asahi Kasei Kuraray Medical and Asahi Kasei Medical.
Acquisition of ZOLL Medical Corporation of the US, which becomes a core operating company.
2015 Acquisition of Polypore International, LP of the US.
2016 Asahi Kasei Mitsubishi Chemical Ethylene Corp. starts shared operation of naphtha cracker facilities
Transformation to an operating holding company configuration through merger of Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corp., Asahi Kasei Fibers Corp., and Asahi Kasei E-materials Corp. into Asahi Kasei Corp.