Basic principles

The Asahi Kasei Group takes compliance seriously, and fully adheres to laws and regulations that are applicable to each business and function, as well as internal company rules. Each employee is also expected to uphold high ethical standards and respect social norms throughout the course of business activities, acting with sincerity in accordance with our Group Values based on our Group Mission.

Internal framework

  1. (1) Asahi Kasei Group Basic Regulation for Risk Management & Compliance

The Asahi Kasei Group Basic Regulation for Risk Management & Compliance clearly specifies basic systems and organizations for the central aggregation and administration of all matters related to risk management and compliance.

Outline of Asahi Kasei Group Basic Regulation for Risk Management & Compliance

  1. 1.Purpose of the regulation
  2. 2.Definition of terms for risk management & compliance
  3. 3.Scope of application of the regulation
  4. 4.Framework for risk management & compliance
    1. 1)Designation of Executive Officer for Risk Management & Compliance
    2. 2)Establishment and composition of Risk Management & Compliance Committee
    3. 3)Establishment of Risk Management & Compliance Oversight Department and Risk Management & Compliance Promotion Departments
    4. 4)Role of Presidents of SBUs and core operating companies
    5. 5)Designation and role of Risk Management & Compliance Supervisors and Risk Management & Compliance Managers
  5. 5.The Asahi Kasei Group Code of Conduct
  6. 6.Crisis response
  7. 7.Compliance hotline (internal reporting system)
  1. (2) Risk Management & Compliance Committee

Our Risk Management & Compliance Committee is chaired by the President of Asahi Kasei Corp. with the Presidents of each Strategic Business Unit and Core Operating Company serving as committee members. The committee determines policy and deliberates on matters related to risk management and compliance, and monitors the management of risks and the state of compliance throughout the Asahi Kasei Group. Results of the committee’s deliberations, etc., are reported to the Board of Directors.

Efforts for risk management and compliance

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