Risk management

We provide clear guidelines for risk management and emergency response in accordance with the Asahi Kasei Group Basic Regulation for Risk Management & Compliance to ensure business continuity and stable development by taking appropriate measures including prevention and resolution efforts deal with various potential risks throughout the Asahi Kasei Group.

Reviews to identify latent risks in each business unit

Managers responsible for risk management and compliance are designated in each business unit, and work to assess and analyze their related risks and to plan and implement measures to mitigate serious risks. Through the Risk Management & Compliance Committee, we confirm and follow-up on the state of risk management in each business unit.

Crisis response system

In the event of any major accidents, incidents, or problems which cause significant damage to Asahi Kasei Group operations or which may foreseeably cause our operations to have adverse effects on the general public, we establish a group emergency response headquarters which works with various divisions and departments to ensure that the proper response is taken.