Value Provided by the Asahi Kasei Group

Our Group Vision is to provide new value to society by enabling “living in health and comfort” and “harmony with the natural environment” in accordance with our Group Mission of contributing to life and living for people around the world. The Hall element is a notable example of a product that illustrates how Asahi Kasei has created value from the past to the present, and how we will continue to create value in the future.

Hall element

The Hall element is a highly sensitive magnetic sensor made with a thin film of semiconductor material. The Hall element works by utilizing the Hall effect, in which magnetic fields cause change in voltage. With high sensitivity, Hall elements from Asahi Kasei can detect magnetic flux density and orientation. A broad range of applications include contactless switches in combination with magnets, angle sensors, and current sensors. Geomagnetic sensors using Hall elements have also been commercialized, and are widely used in smartphones. Asahi Kasei started mass production of Hall elements in 1975 and met various evolving needs of society over the following four decades by continuously developing new applications to create new value.