Respect for Employee Individuality

The Asahi Kasei Group considers fulfilling and satisfying working conditions and workplace culture, in which personnel feel motivated to achieve and take pride in their career, to be a key to business performance.

Our human resources policies are focused on the maintenance and reinforcement of a corporate culture emphasizing Asahi Kasei characteristics, the personal growth of each employee, and the creation and expansion of business through superior people and organizations, based on the understanding that the exceptional power of our people and organizations is the source of our competitive strength.

Human Resources Principles

The Human Resources Principles of the Asahi Kasei Group are a distillation of the values and beliefs held in common by all employees, a key aspect of a corporate culture where personal growth and corporate development are mutually reinforcing.

Corporate Commitment

The basic commitment to human resources is to provide the venue for a dynamic and fulfilling career as a part of a lively and growing corporate group.

Basic Expectations

  • Enterprise and growth through challenge and change
  • Integrity and responsibility in action
  • Respect for diversity

Expectations of Leaders

  • Building the team, heightening performance and achievement
  • Going beyond conventional boundaries, in thought and action
  • Contributing to mutual development and growth

(Established March 2006)