Balancing work and family life


We strive to eliminate excessive working hours in compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and provide various forms of support for personnel to work with security and vitality in accordance with their individual circumstances and values from the perspective of balancing work and family life. Many of the provisions we offer are also available to non-regular employees, and actually utilized by them.

Helping employees balance work and family life

We encourage personnel to take advantage of a full complement of provisions and benefits to enable the flexibility to maintain a career while raising a family. The corporate intranet is used to raise awareness of the available provisions and benefits, and to support managers whose personnel utilize them.

Parental leave

Employees using parental leave
Employees using parental leave

Our parental leave is available through the fiscal year in which the child turns 3 years old. In fiscal 2017, parental leave was utilized by 566 personnel. This is included 330 men, 42% of those who were qualified, and 236 women. Among the employees on parental leave scheduled to return to work in fiscal 2017, 100% of men and 98% of women returned to work on schedule.

Shortened working hours for child care

Utilization of shortened working hours and Kids Support for child care
Utilization of shortened working hours and Kids Support for child care

Personnel are able to utilize shortened working hours to care for preschoolers, with the working day shortened by up to 2 hours until the child enters elementary school. In September 2007, a provision called "Kids Support" was added to enable personnel with children in the first and second grades to work shortened hours as well. These provisions may be used concurrently with a "flex-time" system for flexible working hours. In fiscal 2017, 17 non-regular employees utilized these provisions.

Platinum Kurumin certification mark

Kurumin certification mark

In 2016, we received the Platinum Kurumin certification mark from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.* Platinum Kurumin certification is awarded in recognition of proactive support for the development of the next generation which is superior to the previously received Kurumin certification.

Support for family care

Booklet on balancing work with care for family members

In fiscal 2017, leave of absence for family care was utilized by 4 personnel. This provision is available for employees to care for family members for a total of up to 1 year for each disease of each family member who requires care. Personnel are also allowed to utilize shortened working hours for family care twice in a three-year period for each family member requiring care. Enhanced provisions for days off and flexible working hours are also available to help personnel continue working while providing care for family members. Information about these provisions and how to balance work and family care is provided through our enhanced corporate intranet as well.

In January 2013, we distributed a booklet on balancing work with care for family members. We have also brought in an outside expert for seminars on family care each year since fiscal 2011.

Main provisions to support balance in work and family life
Main provisions to support balance in work and family life

Leave of absence to accompany spouse on overseas assignment

As globalization continues to advance, an increasing number of personnel have a spouse who is transferred to an overseas assignment. In fiscal 2013 we adopted a provision for such personnel to take a leave of absence to accompany their spouses living overseas. In fiscal 2017, this provision was utilized by 20 personnel.

Employee survey

Management and labor work in concert to resolve people-related issues based on mutual understanding and awareness. We regularly perform a survey of employees to gauge improvements to previously identified problems and track changes in employee perceptions over time. Survey results are also utilized in the evaluation of various measures and the consideration of new measures. In fiscal 2017, a survey of employees was held regarding balance between work and family life. Results of the survey, including issues revealed with respect to care for family members, child care, and other aspects, will be utilized in future measures.