Human resources development


Our human resources policies are focused on the maintenance and reinforcement of a corporate culture emphasizing Asahi Kasei characteristics, the personal growth of each employee, and the creation and expansion of business through superior people and organizations, based on the understanding that the source of our competitive strength is the exceptional power of our people and organizations.

Established in March 2006, the Human Resources Principles of the Asahi Kasei Group are a distillation of the values and beliefs that are held in common by all employees, which is a key aspect of a corporate culture where personal growth and corporate development are mutually reinforcing.

Human Resources Principles

Corporate Commitment The basic commitment to human resources is to provide the venue for a dynamic and fulfilling career as a part of a lively and growing corporate group. Basic Expectations Enterprise and growth through challenge and change Integrity and responsibility in action Respect for diversity Expectations of Leaders Building the team, heightening performance and achievement Going beyond conventional boundaries, in thought and action Contributing to mutual development and growth

In accordance with these principles, our human resources development is focused on the mutual growth of individuals and organizations. From fiscal 2016 we are placing greater emphasis on management by objectives and self-control (MBO-S) in training to enhance the management skills of section managers and general managers.

Two-foundation, three-pillar structure
Two-foundation, three-pillar structure

Human resource development

A wide range of training programs

The human resources development program at the Asahi Kasei Group is structured with enhancing basic skills through OJT and heightening professional skills as a 2-layer foundation, with 3 pillars of cultivating management leaders, heightening specialist skills, and fostering global human resources. Employees are given a wide range of training to develop the skills needed to successfully advance their careers. A regular program of training is applied at key career stages beginning with hiring and extending through promotion to managerial positions. Other individual training programs, such as for global management, are implemented according to business need. Each core operating company also implements training programs to support the development of employee skills required for its specific field of business.

Group Masters

The Asahi Kasei Group employs a "Group Masters" program to recognize employees who have developed and exercised extraordinary expertise and skills that hold universal value, and to facilitate their application throughout the Group. As of April 2018, 122 Group Masters are designated, those whose rank and remuneration are commensurate with Senior General Manager, General Manager, and Section Manager, respectively number 10, 46, and 66.

To accelerate the creation of new businesses as a basic strategy of the “Cs for Tomorrow 2018” management initiative, we revised the system in fiscal 2017 for greater emphasis on the development and growth of engineers and technical personnel. The program is focused on reinforcing the specialized technical abilities of such personnel who will drive the creation of new businesses and the enhancement of established businesses.

Development of global human resources

To support the acceleration of globalization under our “Cs for Tomorrow 2018" medium-term management initiative from the perspective of human resources, we are implementing measures such as internship programs for young personnel, and holding training sessions for personnel at overseas subsidiaries on subjects such as dissemination of corporate philosophy, intercultural communication, and management skills.

Supporting independent study

In October 2003, the Asahi Kasei Group instituted a program to support independent study by employees. To encourage employees to acquire higher level specialized or technological ability, the company will pay part of the cost of attending courses or lectures.