Responsible Care

Safety is a fundamental prerequisite for the continuation of operations as a corporate member of society. To ensure that every aspect of safety is maintained, the Asahi Kasei Group implements a Responsible Care (RC) program comprising the six pillars of environmental protection, operational safety, quality assurance (including product safety), workplace safety and hygiene, health maintenance, and community outreach.

Message from the Executive for RC

Masafumi Nakao
Representative Director, Vice-Presidential Executive Officer
Asahi Kasei Corp.

Asahi Kasei adopted an operating holding company configuration in fiscal 2016 and started the three-year medium-term management initiative “Cs for Tomorrow 2018” (CT2018). We are not only implementing various measures to achieve our business targets and build the base for the next phase towards fiscal 2025, but also contributing to society through our business operations. The operating climate is changing greatly with growing awareness for global environmental issues and corporate responsibility as a social entity. At the Asahi Kasei Group, in accordance with our Group Mission of contributing to life and living for people around the world, we will give due consideration to the environment, safety, and health throughout the full life cycle from R&D to manufacturing, product supply, and disposal, while focusing on the three fundamental “actuals” of the actual place, actual thing, and actual fact, as we ensure the stable provision of product quality that our customers can depend upon. While working to achieve our annual RC objectives, we will also advance RC activities from a broader perspective, reinforcing R&D to provide solutions to global warming and other environmental issues, in order to raise our corporate value for our various stakeholders.

The Asahi Kasei Group advances its Responsible Care initiative as a coordinated whole.