Environmental protection

Our environmental protection measures include efforts for the achievement of a low-carbon society, the establishment of a circular economy, and the preservation of biodiversity.

The diagram below describes the environmental impacts of business activities at Asahi Kasei Group plants. As in our Group Vision of “harmony with the natural environment,” the Asahi Kasei Group considers environmental protection as one of its most important tasks. Our major focuses are on: 1) prevention of global warming; 2) promotion of a recycling-oriented society; 3) management of chemical substances; and 4) Biodiversity.

For prevention of global warming, we have established new indicators and targets to curtail greenhouse gas emissions to be achieved by fiscal 2020 and fiscal 2030. Regarding promotion of a recycling-oriented society, we continue to reduce our rate of final disposal and increase our rate of recycling. Furthermore, as a chemical company, we are working to promote safe handling of chemical substances and actively provide safety information. We are also making efforts to reduce the impact of our business activities on biodiversity.

Asahi Kasei Group Main Environmental Impacts (FY 2016)