The global environment

Global environmental measures of Asahi Kasei


As in our Group Vision of “harmony with the natural environment,” the Asahi Kasei Group considers environmental protection as one of its most important tasks. We established the following policy regarding global environmental measures in June 2012.

The Asahi Kasei Group’s Global Environmental Policy

  1. 1. Low-carbon society
    1. (1)Sharing the international goal of cutting worldwide greenhouse gas emissions in half by the year 2050, the Asahi Kasei Group will establish targets for reduction of emissions from its business activities by 2030.
    2. (2)The Asahi Kasei Group will contribute to the establishment of a low-carbon society by providing the world with products, technologies, and services that enable reduced greenhouse gas emissions through our proprietary technology.
    3. (3)The Asahi Kasei Group will monitor and clearly visualize the amount of CO2 emissions from its supply chain.
  2. 2.Preserving water resources
    The Asahi Kasei Group will help preserve water resources around the world through its domestic and international water supply filtration membrane module business and water recycling service business. The Asahi Kasei Group will measure the quantity of its water intake while striving to maintain and improve the efficiency of its water usage.
  3. 3.Recycling
    The Asahi Kasei Group will promote the reduction of environmental impacts and the efficient utilization of resources and energy throughout the entire life cycle in its business activities in order to contribute to a circular economy. Specifically, we will promote the 3Rs of reduction, reuse, and recycling, and increase the usage of resources and energy with lower environmental impacts as well as renewable resources and energy.
  4. 4.Achieving harmony with nature
    The Asahi Kasei Group will give due consideration to the conservation of natural capital and biodiversity, and promote the reduction of environmental impacts of its business activities. We will also monitor and carefully manage our use of land and biological resources.
  5. 5.Overseas locations (plants)
    The Asahi Kasei Group will create systematic monitoring items that enable environmental management practices equivalent to those at its plants in Japan.
  6. 6.Supply chain
    The Asahi Kasei Group will proactively collaborate with members of its supply chain to undertake the abovementioned activities.

Management framework

Global environmental measures of the Asahi Kasei Group are guided by our Global Environment Committee (secretariat: Global Environmental Measures Promotion Group, Corporate ESH) which was established in 2012. The committee is chaired by the operating holding company Executive for RC, and its members are the Presidents of the SBUs and Executives for RC of the core operating companies. Meeting twice per year, the committee determines group-wide policy and deliberates on global environmental measures including the quantification of progress and formulation and review of indexes and targets.

In 2014 we established a Global Environment Action Committee to further advance effective measures. Together with the LCA Committee, it provides the framework for deeper and swifter action.

Framework for global environmental measures

Membership Roles Frequency of meetings
Global Environment Committee Chair Operating holding company Executive for RC Deliberation and adoption of group-wide global environmental measures Twice per year
Members Presidents of SBUs and Executives for RC of core operating companies
Global Environment Action Committee Chair Senior General Manager of Corporate ESH Development of concrete measures based on decisions of the Global Environment Committee Twice per year
Members RC Promoters of SBUs, core operating companies, and Corporate Research & Development
LCA Committee Members Chair from the operating holding company, members from SBUs, core operating companies, and Corporate Research & Development Promotion of LCA throughout the Asahi Kasei Group, performing LCA for the Group’s products and technologies including those under development, reporting results of its activities to the Global Environment Committee Four times per year


We are advancing measures based on the following indictors and targets in accordance with our Global Environmental Policy. These include longer-term targets, notably fiscal 2020 and 2030 targets for climate change measures. Actions each year are performed with annual targets in line with the longer-term targets.

Quantitative indicators and targets of global environmental measures

  1. 1.Low-carbon society
    • GHG emissions
      Reduce GHG emissions in Japan to 35% below the FY2005 level by FY2020
    • Clean power generation
      Maintain use of biomass fuel at 60% or more by energy content in mixed combustion at the biomass power plant in Nobeoka
    • LCA/CO2 contribution ratio*
      Achieve a ratio of 11.0 by FY2020
      Achieve a ratio of 15.0 by FY2030
  2. 2.Preserving water resources
    • Water resource contribution ratio*
      Achieve a ratio of 9.3 in FY2018
  3. 3.Energy management policy and target
    • Policy
      Plan measures for preventing global warming and conserving limited resources, promote reduced energy use in all phases of business activity
    • Target
      Improve unit energy consumption by an annual average of at least 1% over a 5-year period

Environmental impacts

The diagram below describes the environmental impacts of business activities at Asahi Kasei Group plants.

Asahi Kasei Group Main Environmental Impacts (FY2017)