Quality assurance

Perspective on quality assurance
Asahi Kasei Group Quality Policy:The Asahi Kasei Group creates and provides products and services with the quality to meet the needs of customers and society and ensure safety and security.

Upon our transition to an operating holding company configuration in April 2016, we established a new Asahi Kasei Group Quality Policy and Group Quality Assurance Bylaws. At the same time, Corporate ESH & QA was reorganized, including the establishment of a new Quality Assurance Group to coordinate the reinforcement of quality assurance activities throughout the Asahi Kasei Group, ensuring the provision of safe and reliable products to our customers. In fiscal 2016, we once again met our target of no serious product safety incidents.

Reinforcing the quality assurance system: maintaining zero serious product safety incidents

Consumer satisfaction and safety

Products and services provided by the Asahi Kasei Group include materials, products, installations, various services, and after-sale support. We believe that providing products and services that satisfy our customers is our ultimate mission. We constantly strive to enhance our systems for quality assurance, including product safety.

Monthly quality assurance meetings are held by the Executive for RC and the Quality Assurance Group to directly discuss information related to quality assurance based on a newly created Monthly Quality Assurance Report.

Effort to maintain zero serious product safety incidents

As part of the effort to prevent serious product safety incidents, we established new quality assurance bylaws that stipulate quality assurance activities for RC administrators to perform. The bylaws newly define the central role of quality assurance managers in activities to enhance quality assurance, and conferences are held three times a year to transmit and share information among the entire Asahi Kasei Group. This is applied in concert with our product safety guidelines to secure product safety and prevent the occurrence of serious product safety incidents.

All business units of the Asahi Kasei Group apply these uniform bylaws and guidelines to assure the quality of products and services.

Flow of product safety measures
Flow of product safety measures
Product safety procedure for chemicals
Product safety procedure for chemicals

In-house seminars on quality assurance

We provided in-house training to adapt to the transition to the 2015 version of ISO9001. The newly revised ISO9001 emphasizes integration of the quality management system (QMS) with business processes, and involvement by senior management. Seminars were held corresponding to each level of management:

  1. (1)For upper management including the President of Asahi Kasei Corp., Vice President of Asahi Kasei Corp., core operating company Presidents, and SBU Presidents, a lecture was given by Prof. Takeshi Nakajyo of Chuo University, focusing on “integration of QMS with business.”
  2. (2)For Senior General Managers of Divisions, as the leaders of each business with ISO certification, a lecture was provided from the auditor’s point of view by a specialist invited from Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, in addition to a keynote lecture by Prof. Nakajyo.
  3. (3)For General Managers responsible for operations at each level, separate lectures were given by a specialist of the Japan Quality Assurance Organization outlining the 2015 revisions and effective actions for QMS.
Prof. Nakajyo giving his lecture to upper management
The seminar for Senior General Managers

Outline of efforts for product safety

The Asahi Kasei Group routinely performs employee education on product liability (PL), chemical product safety, and equipment safety, along with risk assessment. In particular, we performed an in-house seminar in 2016 concerning responsibility for PL from the perspective of avoiding risks, including as related to supply contracts.

Product safety procedure for equipment
Product safety procedure for equipment