Responsible Care at Asahi Kasei

Responsible Care at the Asahi Kasei Group

RC represents the commitment and initiative to secure and improve safety and environmental protection at every step of the product life cycle through the individual determination and responsibility of each firm producing and handling chemical products, together with measures to gain greater public trust through disclosure and communication. RC was conceived in Canada in 1985, and was strengthened on a global scale with the establishment of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) in 1990. In 1995, the chemical industry in Japan began implementing RC with the establishment of the Japan Responsible Care Council (JRCC*). Asahi Kasei was among the founding members of the JRCC, and played a leading role in the expansion and development of RC in Japan.

Asahi Kasei Group RC Principles

RC at the Asahi Kasei Group is guided by the following principles. In April 2016, a statement regarding quality assurance was added, and the six elements were condensed into four.

We give the utmost consideration to environmental protection, quality assurance, operational safety, workplace safety and hygiene, and health maintenance, throughout the product life cycle from R&D to disposal, as preeminent management tasks in all operations.

  • We give full consideration to the global environment, and make efforts to reduce the environmental burden of all operations.
  • We continuously provide safe products and services with the quality that gives customers a sense of security and satisfaction.
  • We strive for stable and safe operation while preventing workplace accidents and securing the safety of personnel and members of the community.
  • We strive for a comfortable workplace environment, and support the maintenance and promotion of employee health.

In addition to maintaining legal compliance, we set self-imposed targets for continuous improvement, while performing proactive information disclosure and communication to gain public understanding and trust.

Revised on April 1, 2016

RC Management System

RC Committee meeting

The management system of Asahi Kasei Group RC is maintained in accordance with our Group RC Management Guidelines and other internal standards. The RC Committee, a corporate organ under the direct authority of the president of Asahi Kasei, deliberates RC plans and results and ensures that continuous reevaluation and improvement are systematically pursued with “plan-do-check-act” (PDCA) cycles—for the Asahi Kasei Group as a whole, within each core operating company and Region*, and within individual plants and facilities.

Certified compliance with internationally standardized management systems is obtained for the RC Management System of the Asahi Kasei Group. We have obtained ISO 14001 environmental management system certification for environmental protection and ISO 9001 quality management system certification for product safety. An Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS) is adopted for workplace safety, hygiene, and health.

PDCA flow for RC
PDCA flow for RC

RC education and training

RC training lecture

In order to further heighten the effectiveness of our RC initiatives, we perform education and training on basic knowledge and practical application of RC activities, environmental protection, employee health, operational safety, and workplace safety. The training program applies to all key personnel including production managers and Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) managers, as well as candidates for those positions, group leaders of research departments, and EHS personnel.

Each fiscal year, we hold RC training courses especially for newly appointed managers, and in fiscal 2016, 73 personnel took part. Since the training began in fiscal 2007, a total of 797 personnel have taken the courses. In addition, a training course for assistant chiefs was formally initiated in fiscal 2012, and continues including requested improvements with some160 personnel participating each year.

In fiscal 2014, we created a basic course in order to gain fuller understanding. We will continue to adapt our RC training courses to meet requests from both inside and outside the company, enabling personnel with different duties in a wide range of fields to gain a firm grasp of RC.

RC Symposiums

Asahi Kasei RC Symposium (December 2016)

Every year, RC Symposiums are held at Asahi Kasei Corp., core operating companies of the Asahi Kasei Group, and the Nobeoka region, with awards presented to plants which have outstanding safety performance records. To share information and maintain the vitality of the initiative, RC results are reported, seminars are held, and Safety Awards are presented at the symposiums.