Asahi Kasei Group production capacity for lithium-ion battery separator

September 28, 2015
Asahi Kasei Corp.
Asahi Kasei E-materials Corp.

On August 26, 2015, Asahi Kasei Corp. completed its acquisition of US-based Polypore International, Inc. By combining Polypore’s Celgard™ products with Asahi Kasei’s original Hipore™ lineup, the Asahi Kasei Group has significantly expanded its lithium-ion battery (LIB) separator* product portfolio. Hipore™ manufacturing plants are located in Moriyama, Shiga, Japan, and Hyuga, Miyazaki, Japan, while Celgard™ manufacturing plants are located in North Carolina, the US, and Chungbuk, Korea. Asahi Kasei E-materials is currently adding a new production line for Hipore™ at its plant in Hyuga, which will raise the Asahi Kasei Group’s total LIB separator capacity as shown below.

Asahi Kasei Group LIB separator capacity

Wet process

Current Hipore™ capacity255 million m2/year

New Hipore™ line in Hyuga (see below)60 million m2/year

Hipore™ productivity improvements and Celgard™35 million m2/year

Total in spring 2016350 million m2/year

Dry process

Celgard™ and Hipore™ 200 million m2/year

New Hipore™ line:

  1. Location
    Hyuga, Miyazaki, Japan (within Asahi Kasei site)
  2. Product
    Hipore™ LIB separator
  3. Capacity
    60 million m2/year (line No. 5)
  4. Investment
    Approximately ¥5 billion
  5. Start-up
    Spring 2016 (scheduled)

LIBs are not only used in consumer electronics such as smartphones and tablet PCs, but also in hybrid electric vehicles, all electric vehicles, and other automotive applications where significant demand growth is forecasted.

Hipore™ and Celgard™ LIB separators, with the world’s leading market position, are considered a world-leading business in the Asahi Kasei Group’s strategy for growth. The combination with Polypore»s technology will enable Asahi Kasei to advance the development of innovative new products while it continues to strengthen its ability to provide stable supply as separator demand continues to grow.