Asahi Kasei and GLM develop drivable concept car as next-generation electric vehicle

April 13, 2017
Asahi Kasei Corp.

Asahi Kasei and GLM Co., Ltd., an electric vehicle venture company spun out from Kyoto University, have jointly developed a concept car to showcase a wide array of automotive-related materials and technologies from various Asahi Kasei businesses. The new concept car will be unveiled at Automotive Engineering Exposition, May 24–26, 2017, Yokohama, Japan.

Asahi Kasei’s medium-term management initiative “Cs for Tomorrow 2018” is focused on the creation of new businesses and the acceleration of globalization by enhancing connections among our diverse businesses and diverse human resources. With automotive-related business identified as a strategic area of growth, Asahi Kasei established an Automotive Marketing Department in April 2016 to enable a comprehensive approach to marketing for our customers in the Material sector.

The concept car embodies the many Asahi Kasei products and technologies that contribute to greater safety, comfort, and environmental friendliness in the automotive setting. It includes not only currently available products, but also next-generation components and systems that demonstrate Asahi Kasei’s comprehensive capabilities to automobile manufacturers and their suppliers. Being drivable, the concept car concretely illustrates how Asahi Kasei’s various products and materials can be adopted in practical application. The concept car is based on the platform of the ZZ, an electric sports car manufactured by GLM.

Scheduled to be completion in May 2017, the concept car will be displayed at various exhibitions and promotional events in addition to Automotive Engineering Exposition.

Asahi Kasei will continue to proactively expand its automotive-related business by focusing on enhanced customer satisfaction and creating new value through innovation.

About GLM. Co., Ltd.

Head office
Kyoto, Japan
Hiroyasu Koma
Main businesses
Development and sale of environmentally friendly cars, development of related services
April 2010
Paid-in capital
¥3,229.14 million (including capital reserve and capital loans)
Concept car image
Concept car image