Completion of Asahi Kasei’s drivable concept car AKXY™

May 17, 2017
Asahi Kasei Corp.

Asahi Kasei and GLM Co., Ltd., an electric vehicle manufacturer, have completed a jointly developed concept car called AKXY™ showcasing a wide array of automotive-related materials and technologies from various Asahi Kasei businesses, focused on contribution to safety, comfort, and the environment.


AKXY™ exterior and interior

Size Length 4,685 mm, width 1,813 mm, height 1,562 mm
Motor output 225 kW
Passenger capacity 3 passengers

1.About AKXY™

Asahi Kasei and GLM began discussions and planning for development of the concept car in 2015. The car utilizes the electric vehicle platform of GLM to achieve a drivable design. The concept car further heightens appeal to customers by having a design based on the SUV, which is popular around the world.

The name AKXY™ comes from Asahi Kasei X (multiplied by) You (the customer). By enabling many Japanese and overseas automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturers come directly into contact with Asahi Kasei’s automotive-related materials, devices, and systems that are manifested in the concept car, we hope to further build and strengthen our relationship with customers in order to create new value for the future together.

AKXY™ is equipped with a wide variety of Asahi Kasei materials, components, and systems, numbering 27 products in all, most of them available for adoption in mass-produced vehicles, including engineering plastics to replace metal and enable vehicle weight reduction, artificial suede for seats with superior comfort, and an in-car communication system utilizing various speech-processing technology.

The car is additionally equipped with cutting-edge technology that has potential for commercialization in line with automotive industry trends for safe driving and accident prevention, including a contactless vital sign sensing system that is able to detect the pulse of drivers without their being aware of it, and CO2 sensors to monitor the in-car environment.

2. Moving forward

AKXY™ will be displayed at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017 Yokohama, May 24–26, 2017, together with materials and devices not installed in the concept car, and models explaining internal structural components and parts. The concept car will also be displayed at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2017 Nagoya, June 28–30, 2017.

The Asahi Kasei Group will continue to deepen connections with automotive-related customers, and make comprehensive proposals of various key items in accordance with needs to heighten vehicle safety and comfort and contribute to the environment.

AKXY™ exterior and interior


List of Asahi Kasei products in AKXY™

  Portion of vehicle Asahi Kasei product Generic name
1 Head lamp cover Organic/inorganic hybrid coating agent
2 Lamp extension Xyron™ Modified polyphenylene ether
3 Tire raw material Tufdene™ S-SBR Solution-polymerized styrene butadiene rubber
4 Tire cord Leona™ filament Nylon 66 filament yarn
5 Fender liner Precise™ Spunbond synthetic continuous-filament nonwoven
6 Body paint raw material Asahi Kasei Aluminium Paste™ Aluminum Paste
7 Body paint additive Duranate™ HDI (hexamethylene diisocyanate)-based polyisocyanate
8 Tail lamp cover Delpet™ Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)
9 Cockpit WGF™ Film base reflective polarizer
10 Cockpit Defroster sensor
11 System Vital-sign sensing technology
12 System Stand-alone voice command
13 System Hands-free communication
14 System In-car communication
15 System CO2 sensor
16 A-pillar Tuftec™ Hydrogenated styrenic thermoplastic elastomer (SEBS)
17 Interior decoration Multicore POF™ Plastic optical fiber
18 Floor mat Floor mat with PTT fiber Floor mat
19 Connector/cable tie Leona™ Polyamide resin (PA)
20 Speaker cover Esterlloy™ ABS-based alloy resin
21 Car seat surface Cubit™ 3D knitting fabric
22 Headrest MEF™ Moldable polyethylene foam
23 Seat skin Lamous™ Microfiber artificial suede
24 Seat skin lining Eltas™ Spunbond synthetic continuous-filament nonwoven
25 Inside door handle Tenac™ metallic-colored & low-VOC grade Polyacetal (POM) resin
26 Cup holders SunForce™ Modified polyphenylene ether foam beads
27 LIB separator Hipore™ Lithium-ion battery separator