Fibers & Textiles

Our fibers operation supplies worldwide markets with original technologies and unique fiber materials developed through 90 years of experience in manufacturing of original yarn, spun fiber, and fabric. Our 4 main businesses are Bemberg™ cupro, the unique fiber born from cotton and the core of our heritage; Roica™ elastic polyurethane filament; nonwovens including spunbond for growing hygienic applications; and Leona™ nylon 66 filament for automotive applications. We continue to develop new technologies and products that will open the future.

Operating company
Asahi Kasei Corp.

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Bemberg™ is an eco-friendly fiber made from cotton linter—the short, downy fiber that enfolds and protects the cotton seed—featuring a smooth feel, attractive luster, and moisture absorption/release. Made by Asahi Kasei Fibers since 1931, Bemberg™ is used in applications ranging from linings to outerwear, innerwear, sportswear, beddings, and ethnic garments.


Featuring supple stretch and recovery, Roica™ premium stretch fiber (spandex/elastane) provides advanced functionality. It is used for women’s stockings, innerwear, swimwear and other sportswear, diapers, and medical supporters. The global Roica™ supply network includes manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Germany.


Our wide range of highly functional nonwoven products are made with advanced and innovative production technology. Eltas™ spunbond, a nonwoven fabric formed by thermal compression without the use of any binders, is the world’s only spunbond available in three different materials—nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. The ecological Bemliese™ is a binder-free, 100% cellulose cupro nonwoven made from cotton linter. Lamous™ microfiber suede is used for upholstery and automotive interiors. Pulshut™ noise suppression sheet can be applied to digital devices and cables.

Leona™ filament

Leona™ nylon 66 filament featuring exceptional strength, heat resistance, and durability, is used for tire cord, air bags, and other applications in every field of industry. It is produced in an efficient integrated manufacturing process, and enables weight saving in many products.