Product categories

Chemical intermediates, etc.

Duranate™ HDI-based polyisocyanates

A broad array of high-performance HDI-based polyisocyanates, produced by Asahi Kasei's advanced process and product technology, for non-yellowing polyurethane curing in fields ranging from coatings, inks, and adhesives to cast molding.

Polyurethane coating materials, etc.
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Duranol™ polycarbonatediol

A new polycarbonatediol, for the production of polyurethanes with outstanding resistance to heat, chemicals, and hydrolysis, and superior weatherability. Produced in an array of grades by Asahi Kasei process technology – for polyurethanes with optimal properties for specific fields of application, ranging from synthetic leathers and synthetic leather binders to adhesives, coatings, TPUs, and spandexes.

Synthetic leather and other polyurethane materials
Contact:  PCD Business Unit
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Aluminum paste

Advanced metallic pigments that enable unprecedented surface brightness and block design effects, based on world-leading advances in particle processing by Asahi Kasei, for fields of application ranging from automobiles to cell phones and printing inks.

Metallic pigment
Contact:  Aluminium Paste Business Unit
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Polydurex™ Si-modified acrylic latex

Silicone-modified acrylic latexes for water-based exterior wall paints and coatings in Hebel Haus™ and other concrete homes and structures, with a projected service life of fifteen years or more. Long-lasting quality and performance that bring strong and growing market demand from home owners and builders.

Exterior paints and coatings
Contact:  Latex Business Unit
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SB (styrene-butadiene) latex

A leading emulsion latex adhesive, produced from styrene and butadiene, with high elasticity and adhesive strength. Widely used in paper coating, carpet backing, laminating, and many other applications.

Paper coating, etc.
Contact:  Latex Business Unit
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Ceolus™ and Celphere™ MCC (microcrystalline cellulose)

MCC is purified, partially depolymerized cellulose. Used around the world, Ceolus™ and Celphere™ offer superior performance and quality based on advanced particle design, production, and processing technologies at Asahi Kasei.

Pharmaceuticals, foods, industrial materials, cosmetics
Contact:  Ceolus Marketing & Sales Dept.
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Membranes & systems

Microza™ UF and MF industrial membranes and systems

Advanced ultrafiltration and microfiltration hollow-fiber membranes and systems developed and produced by Asahi Kasei, at the forefront of filtration process and materials technology. Microza™ UF and MF – serving industry and the environment, around the globe, through water treatment, separation, purification, and refining, in automotive, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other fields of production and processing.

Contact:  Microza & Water Processing Division
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Aciplex™ ion-exchange membranes and systems

Aciplex™ membranes, process equipment, and systems for caustic soda production from Asahi Kasei – the global leader in advanced ion-exchange membranes and membrane-process electrolyzers for energy-conserving, ecofriendly salt electrolysis, and the world’s largest supplier.

Contact:  Marketing & Sales Department 2
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Clads & anchors

Baclad™ explosion-bonded metal clads

A world leader in the production of metal composites by explosion bonding – the controlled application of explosive energy to form an instantaneous bond between metal plates. High-performance clad products in optimum metal combinations and configurations, for overseas and domestic chemical, refinery, and petrochemical industries, LNG tanks and equipment, power plants, and many other fields.

Contact:  Metal Cladding Marketing & Sales Dept.
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AR Chemical Setter™ bonded anchors

Epoxy and epoxy acrylate bonded anchors with high, stable holding power in concrete, rock, brick, and other materials, for fields of construction and repair ranging from buildings and equipment installation to roads, bridges, docks, and other civil engineering.

Contact:  Fastenings Marketing & Sales Dept.
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Optical and printing materials

Photomask pellicles

Pellicles prevent the adherence of dust on photomasks, which could cause defective image transfer in the photolithographic exposure process. Asahi Kasei produces pellicles in a wide range of sizes for applications ranging from ICs to LCD panels, and we are the only supplier of pellicles compatible with the 10th-generation (10G) LCD panel production process, which requires the world's largest photomask pellicles.

Semiconductors, printed wiring boards, LCD panels
Contact:  Pellicle Sales & Marketing Group
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Plastic optical fiber

Plastic optical fiber (POF) from Aashi Kasei is a product of the exceptional polymer and spinning technologies of the Asahi Kasei Group. Featuring outstanding reliability, it is used in sensors and automotive applications. Multicore POF is a unique product of Asahi Kasei which is used in a wide range of applications including data transmission and image scopes.

Data transmission, image transmission, sensors, light guides, decorative uses
Contact:  Plastic Optical Fiber Marketing & Development Group
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APR™, AFP™, and AWP™ photopolymers and platemaking systems

Our photopolymers are used for flexo printing of packages (cardboard, labels, and film) and alignment films for LCD panels. The broad product lineup of liquid photopolymer and solid photosensitive plates includes environmentally friendly products that enable washing with water instead of solvents.

Printing plates for packaging such as cardboard, labels, and film
Contact:  Photoproducts Marketing Dept.
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Contact:  Asahi Photoproducts Europe
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Electronic materials

Pimel™ photosensitive polyimide/PBO precursor

Pimel™ photosensitive polyimide/PBO precursor is a liquid photosensitive material used by semiconductor manufacturers worldwide for buffer coating and packaging applications. The product lineup includes a wide variety of both solvent developable negative tone types and TMAH developable positive tone types that meet a broad range of cutting-edge requirements. Polyimide and polybenzoxazole (PBO) buffer coats made from Pimel™ protect wafer dice from damage with outstanding resistance to heat and chemicals as well as superior electrical and mechanical properties.

Semiconductor buffer coating, passivation layer for single bumping, dielectric layer for re-distribution bumping, photosensitive adhesives
Contact:  Fab Materials Marketing Dept., Electronics & Functional Products Division
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Sunfort™ dry film photoresist

Dry film is used to form circuit patterns on printed wiring boards used in PCs, tablet PCs, mobile phones, smartphones, and automotive electronics. Sunfort™ maintains a leading market share in the key markets of Asia based on excellent product quality together with superior technical support.

Printed wiring boards and semiconductor packaging
Contact:  Electronics Interconnecting Materials Marketing Dept., Electronics Interconnecting Materials Division
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Novacure™ latent hardener

Novacure™ is a latent curing agent for epoxy resin with superior storage stability and rapid curing at low temperatures enabling one-pack formulations. It is widely used in electronic and electrical applications.

Adhesive for electric and electronic components
Contact:  Performance Curing Material Marketing Group
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Glass fabric for printed circuit boards

Glass fabric is used as electrical insulation and reinforcement in printed circuit boards and packaging substrates made with epoxy resin. Asahi Kasei is the world’s leading supplier of ultra-thin glass fabric used in compact portable devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, and continues to develop advanced new products.

Electrical insulation and reinforcement of printed circuit boards and packaging substrates
Contact:  Electronics Insulation Materials Sales & Marketing Dept.
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WGF™ wire-grid polarizing film

Made with a roll-to-roll process using unique nanoimprint technology, it is the world's first wire grid polarizer based on plastic film. It features high polarization separation performance in the broad wavelength range by using metal nanowires, and excellent heat resistance compared to a typical absorption polarizer.

Head-up displays, polarizing beam splitters, filter for infrared sensors
Contact:  WGF Marketing & Development Group
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Hipore™ lithium-ion battery separator

Hipore™ is a microporous polyolefin sheet which prevents the anode and cathode from contacting one another and causing a short circuit, while enabling lithium ions to pass back and forth during charging and discharging. While market growth continues in mainstream LIB applications for portable devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs, significant additional growth is forecasted in electric vehicle applications. Asahi Kasei will continue to expand capacity in line with demand growth while advancing the global expansion of Hipore™ operations to meet emerging customer needs.

Smartphones, hybrid vehicles
Contact:  Battery Materials Sales & Marketing Department
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Celgard™ lithium-ion battery separator

Based on more than 40 years of market-leading research, development, and manufacturing experience, Celgard™ dry-process membrane is used as separator in various lithium-ion batteries. Its performance characteristics are especially suited to hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. The broad product lineup includes thickness ranging from 7–40 microns and availability in both single-layer and multi-layer configurations to meet a wide range of needs.

Hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles
Contact:  Celgard, LLC
Phone: +1 704-588-5310
Daramic™ lead-acid battery separator

Featuring excellent puncture and oxidation resistance while reducing the potential for water borne contaminants and battery failure, Daramic™ lead-acid battery separator is suited to use in a wide range of applications. With more than 80 years of market-leading research, development, and manufacturing experience, as the largest supplier in Asia, we are positioned for success in this fastest growing region of the world for our products.

Automobiles, trucks, buses, forklifts, backup power
Contact:  Daramic, LLC
Phone: +1 704-587-8599